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UCLQ0001: Digital Resources in the Humanities UCLQ0001 Module
UCLQ0002: Services to Children and Young People UCLQ0002 Module
UCLQ0003: Collections Care and Management UCLQ0003 Module
UCLQ0004: Materials Versus Culture UCLQ0004 Module
UCLQ0005: Interdisciplinary Methods for the Study of Cultural Heritage UCLQ0005 Module
UCLQ0007: Principles of Museum and Gallery Practice UCLQ0007 Module
UCLQ0008: Exhibition Project UCLQ0008 Module
UCLQ0009: Digital Heritage UCLQ0009 Module
UCLQ0010: Placement UCLQ0010 Module
UCLQ0011: Museums Policies and Practice UCLQ0011 Module
UCLQ0013: Museum Learning and Community Engagement UCLQ0013 Module
UCLQ0015: Introduction to Archives and Preservation UCLQ0015 Module
UCLQ0016: Knowledge Organisation and Access UCLQ0016 Module
UCLQ0017: Arabic cataloguing UCLQ0017 Module
UCLQ0018: Collection Management UCLQ0018 Module
UCLQ0019: Library Systems and Data Management UCLQ0019 Module
UCLQ0020: Research Methods in Information and Library Science UCLQ0020 Module
UCLQ0021: The Book in the World UCLQ0021 Module
UCLQ0022: Information Sources and Retrieval UCLQ0022 Module
UCLQ0023: Cultural Institutions Management UCLQ0023 Module
UCLQ0024: Professional Awareness UCLQ0024 Module
UCLQ0025: Information Literacy Education UCLQ0025 Module
UCLQ0026: MA Dissertation UCLQ0026 Module
UCLQ0029: Cultural Heritage, Ethics and Law UCLQ0029 Module
UCLQ0030: Museum and Heritage Institution Practices in the Arab World UCLQ0030 Module
UCLQ0031: Sustainability and Museums UCLQ0031 Module
UCLQ0033: Metadata and Data Management UCLQ0033 Module
UCLQ0036: Debates in Contemporary Art Curation UCLQ0036 Module
UCLQ0037: Islamic Manuscripts UCLQ0037 Module
UCLQG312: Managing Museums and Cultural Heritage UCLQG312 Module
UCLQG317: Museum Education UCLQG317 Module
UCLQG319: Visual Studies: Theories and Methods UCLQG319 Module
UCLQG427: Principles of Computing and Information Technology UCLQG427 Module
UCLQG504: Collective Memory and the Representation of the Past UCLQG504 Module

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