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Case based learning 2 EARI0045 Module
Diagnostic Audiology for Audiovestibular Medicine EARI0031 Module
EARI0005: Imaging EARI0005 Module
EARI0008: Anatomy and Physiology of the Audio-Vestibular System EARI0008 Module
EARI0009: Diagnostic Audiology EARI0009 Module
EARI0010: Introduction to Amplification and Aural Rehabilitation EARI0010 Module
EARI0011: Balance EARI0011 Module
EARI0012: Paediatric Audiology EARI0012 Module
EARI0013: Clinical and Professional Practice EARI0013 Module
EARI0014: Signals, Systems, Acoustics and the Ear EARI0014 Module
EARI0017: Living with Hearing Loss EARI0017 Module
EARI0018: Integrative Audiology EARI0018 Module
EARI0019: Research Methods and Statistics EARI0019 Module
EARI0021: Advanced Amplification and Aural Rehabilitation EARI0021 Module
EARI0022: Vestibular Rehabilitation EARI0022 Module
EARI0023: Paediatric Habilitation EARI0023 Module
EARI0024: Advances in Auditory Implants EARI0024 Module
EARI0026: Counselling EARI0026 Module
EARI0027: Paediatric Assessment EARI0027 Module
EARI0028: Hearing Therapy Skills EARI0028 Module
EARI0029: Introduction to Sensory Systems, Technologies & Therapies (SenSyT) EARI0029 Module
EARI0034: Audiology 1 EARI0034 Module
EARI0037: Communication Skills EARI0037 Module
EARI0040: Science in Healthcare EARI0040 Module
EARI0042: Audiology 2 EARI0042 Module
EARI0043: Audiology 3 EARI0043 Module
EARI0046: Clinical Practice 2 EARI0046 Module
EARI0047: Research Methods and Analysis EARI0047 Module

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