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Basic Statistics for Research BASSTATS Module
Continuing Professional Development EASTDCPD Unit
DENT0001: Behaviour Management DENT0001 Module
DENT0002: Planning Treatment in the Developing Child DENT0002 Module
DENT0003: Science and Properties of Dental Composites and Ceramics DENT0003 Module
DENT0004: Interdisciplinary Clinical Dental Aesthetics DENT0004 Module
DENT0005: Level 1 Clinical Endodontics DENT0005 Module
DENT0006: Level 1 Endodontics Sciences DENT0006 Module
DENT0007: Level 1 Practical Endodontics DENT0007 Module
DENT0008: Level 2 Practical Endodontics DENT0008 Module
DENT0009: Generalist Skills DENT0009 Module
DENT0010: Special Interest Skills - Endodontic Surgery and Trauma Management DENT0010 Module
DENT0011: Special Interest Skills - Pulp Therapy, Primary Root Canal Treatment and Endodontic Retreatment DENT0011 Module
DENT0018: Management of Oral Disease DENT0018 Module
DENT0019: Trauma DENT0019 Module
DENT0020: Clinical Governance DENT0020 Module
DENT0021: Advanced Paediatric Dentistry DENT0021 Module
DENT0022: Structured Extramural Clinical Practice DENT0022 Module
DENT0023: Paediatric Dentistry (MSc Dissertation) DENT0023 Module
DENT0024: The Foundations of Restorative Dentistry DENT0024 Module
DENT0025: The Restoration and Replacement of Teeth DENT0025 Module
DENT0026: Advanced Restorative Dentistry I DENT0026 Module
DENT0027: Advanced Restorative Dentistry II DENT0027 Module
DENT0037: Interdisciplinary Aspects of Restorative Treatment DENT0037 Module
DENT0042: Endodontic Relationships with Other Dental Disciplines DENT0042 Module
DENT0045: Development of Endodontic Skills DENT0045 Module
DENT0046: Basic Scientific Foundation for Endodontic Practice: Part 1 DENT0046 Module
DENT0047: Basic Scientific Foundation for Endodontic Practice - Part 2 DENT0047 Module
DENT0048: Advanced Scientific Foundation for Endodontic Practice 1 DENT0048 Module
DENT0049: Advanced Scientific Foundation for Endodontic Practice 2 DENT0049 Module
DENT0054: Clinical Care Core Course (Oral Medicine) DENT0054 Module
DENT0058: Principles of Treatment Core Course (Orthodontics) DENT0058 Module
DENT0059: Orthodontic Techniques and Clinical Skills I DENT0059 Module
DENT0060: Orthodontic Techniques and Clinical Skills II DENT0060 Module
DENT0061: Orthodontic Techniques and Clinical Skills III DENT0061 Module
DENT0062: Orthodontic Clinical Practice I DENT0062 Module
DENT0063: Orthodontic Techniques and Clinical Skills IV DENT0063 Module
DENT0064: Orthodontic Techniques and Clinical Skills V DENT0064 Module
DENT0065: Orthodontic Techniques and Clinical Skills VI DENT0065 Module
DENT0066: Advanced Orthodontic Clinical Practice II DENT0066 Module
DENT0067: MClinDent in Orthodontics: Dissertation DENT0067 Module
DENT0080: Principles of Treatment Core Course (Paediatric Dentistry) DENT0080 Module
DENT0082: Behaviour Management DENT0082 Module
DENT0083: Restorative Dentistry for Children and Adolescents DENT0083 Module
DENT0084: Trauma DENT0084 Module
DENT0087: Managing the Developing Child DENT0087 Module
DENT0088: Special Care Dentistry for the Child and Adolescent DENT0088 Module
DENT0090: DDENT in Paediatric Dentistry Project DENT0090 Module
DENT0092: Scientific Basis of Periodontology DENT0092 Module
DENT0093: Periodontal Therapy 1: Non-surgical and Basic Surgical Therapy DENT0093 Module
DENT0094: Periodontal Therapy 2: Advanced Periodontal Therapy (b) DENT0094 Module
DENT0098: Periodontal Therapy 3: Implants and Restorative Dentistry DENT0098 Module
DENT0103: Principles of Treatment Core Course (Conservative Dentistry, Implant Dentistry, Prosthodontics) DENT0103 Module
DENT0104: Fundamentals of Fixed and Implant Prosthodontics DENT0104 Module
DENT0105: Fundamentals of Removable Prosthodontics DENT0105 Module
DENT0106: Prosthodontic Treatment Planning and Functional Occlusion DENT0106 Module
DENT0108: Prosthodontic Operative Dentistry and Endodontics DENT0108 Module
DENT0119: Clinical Science and Research Methods DENT0119 Module
DENT0121: Conscious Sedation Pre-Clinical II DENT0121 Module
DENT0122: Conscious Sedation Clinical I DENT0122 Module
DENT0123: Conscious Sedation Clinical II DENT0123 Module
DENT0124: Peridontal Management I DENT0124 Module
DENT0125:: Dentition Management DENT0125 Module
DENT0126: Health Behaviour Change DENT0126 Module
DENT0127: Management of Other Oral Conditions and Special Care Dentitistry DENT0127 Module
DENT0129: Evidence Based Healthcare DENT0129 Module
DENT0134: Managing children with Special Needs DENT0134 Module
DENT0136: Advanced Paediatric Dentistry DENT0136 Module
DENT0139: Periodontal Therapy 2: Advanced Periodontal Therapy (a) DENT0139 Module
DENT0140: MSc in Periodontology dissertation DENT0140 Module
DENT0143: Advanced Clinical Restorative Dentistry I: DENT0143 Module
DENT0144: Advanced Clinical Restorative Dentistry II DENT0144 Module
DENT0147: Foundations of Sports Dentistry DENT0147 Module
DENT0148: Orofacial Trauma DENT0148 Module
DENT0149: Prevention of Sporting Dental Injuries DENT0149 Module
DENT0150: Treatment Planning DENT0150 Module
DENT0151: Restorative Dentistry DENT0151 Module
DENT0152: Paralympic Sports Dentistry DENT0152 Module
DENT0153: Dental Screening DENT0153 Module
DENT0154: Research Project DENT0154 Module
DENT0164: Fundamentals of Fixed and Implant Prosthodontics DENT0164 Module
DENT0165: Fundamentals of Removable Prosthodontics DENT0165 Module
DENT0169: Periodontal Therapy 1: Non Surgical and Basic Surgical Therapy DENT0169 Module
DENT0172: Basic Science of Conscious Sedation DENT0172 Module
DENT0173: Clinical Theory of Conscious Sedation DENT0173 Module
DENT0174: Clinical Governance of Conscious Sedation DENT0174 Module
DENT0175: Clinical Practice of Conscious Sedation DENT0175 Module
DENTDP01: Restorative Management: Certificate in Paediatric Dentistry DENTDP01 Module
DENTDP02: Planning Treatment in the Developing Child: Certificate in Paediatric Dentistry DENTDP02 Module
DENTDP03: Behaviour Management: Certificate in Paediatric Dentistry DENTDP03 Module
DENTDP04: Oral Disease: Certificate in Paediatric Dentistry DENTDP04 Module
DENTDP05: Trauma: Certificate in Paediatric Dentistry DENTDP05 Module
DENTDP06: Management of Oral Disease DENTDP06 Module
DENTDP07: Trauma DENTDP07 Module
DRDPDMAT: Applied Clinical Dental Materials DRDPDMAT Module
EDISTATS: Essential Statistics EDISTATS Module
Endodontics I19: Gingival retraction and electrosurgery ENDODONTICSI19 Module
Endodontics BS6: Inflammation: Advanced Aspects ENDODONTICSBS6 Module
Endodontics BS7: chronic inflammation & wound healing 2 ENDODONTICSBS7 Module
IM007: Implant retained prosthesis IM007 Module
MCD2: Antimicrobials LN: Antimicrobials: MCD2ANTIMICROBIALSLN Module
New Refs: Eastman Dental NEWREFS Module
Osseous surgery literature OSSEOUSSURGERYLIT Module
OT006: Paediatric Dental Topics OT006 Module
Prosthodontics CD007 - Biometric guides PROSTHODONTCD007 Module
TAFEDISORT01:MClinDent Orthodontics TAFEDISORT01 Programme
Teeth and implants TEETHANDIMPLANTS Module
TMCED1SORT09: MClinDent in Orthodontics Reading list TMCED1SORT09 Programme
TMSEDISPED01: Periodontology TMSEDISPED01 Programme

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