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BSc in Population Health UBSPOPSING05 Programme
Changing Population Perspective IEHC0077 Module
Digital Health IEHC0015 Module
IEHC00015: Digital health IEHC00015 Module
IEHC0001: Research Methods and Dissertation IEHC0001 Module
IEHC0005: Evidence Based Dental Practice IEHC0005 Module
IEHC0006: Planning for Better Oral Health IEHC0006 Module
IEHC0007: Philosophy and Principles of Dental Public Health IEHC0007 Module
IEHC0009: Principles and Practice of Oral Health Promotion IEHC0009 Module
IEHC0010: Oral Epidemiology IEHC0010 Module
IEHC0016: Chronic Illness from the Health Psychology Perspective IEHC0016 Module
IEHC0017: Physical and Mental Health, Stress and Ageing IEHC0017 Module
IEHC0018: Individual, Social & Cultural Perspectives in Health Psychology IEHC0018 Module
IEHC0019: Health Related Behaviours & Cognitions IEHC0019 Module
IEHC0020: Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods 1 IEHC0020 Module
IEHC0021: Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods 2 IEHC0021 Module
IEHC0022: Effective Research Practice IEHC0022 Module
IEHC0023: Health Care and Intervention Delivery IEHC0023 Module
IEHC0034: Population Health Dissertation IEHC0034 Module
IEHC0038: Child and Adolescent Public Health IEHC0038 Module
IEHC0039: Homeless and Inclusion Health IEHC0039 Module
IEHC0040: Critical Appraisal of Primary Care and Paediatric Practice IEHC0040 Module
IEHC0047: Core Concepts in Population Health IEHC0047 Module
IEHC0053: Fundamentals of Interdisciplinary Public Health IEHC0053 Module
IEHC0055: Applied Epidemiology IEHC0055 Module
IEHC0057: Statistics for Public Health IEHC0057 Module
IEHC0059: Health Improvement Theory and Practice IEHC0059 Module
IEHC0060: Health Systems Organisation, Economics and Policy IEHC0060 Module
IEHC0061: Health Protection IEHC0061 Module
IEHC0062: Leadership and Management for Public Health IEHC0062 Module
IEHC0064: Applied Quantitative Methods for Public Health IEHC0064 Module
IEHC0066: Applied Infectious Disease Epidemiology and Policy IEHC0066 Module
IEHC0067: Urban Health IEHC0067 Module
IEHC0068: Public Health Dissertation IEHC0068 Module
IEHC0070: Ethnicity, Migration and Health IEHC0070 Module
IEHC0079: Perspectives in Global Health IEHC0079 Module
MSc Health and Society: Social Epidemiology TMSEPISSOC01 Programme
Primary Care and Population Health (Research Department) POPUL_BMS Division
STDSG017: Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases STDSG017 Module
TMSEPISDPH01: MSc Dental Public Health TMSEPISDPH01 Module
Understanding health economics in clinical trials UHEICT Module

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