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GBSH0001: Strategy, People and Marketing GBSH0001 Module
GBSH0002: Funding, Finance and Regulation GBSH0002 Module
GBSH0003: Data Driven Management GBSH0003 Module
GBSH0004: Contemporary Topics in Health and Healthcare GBSH0004 Module
GBSH0005: Global Health Challenge Project GBSH0005 Module
GBSH0006: Health Consultant Project GBSH0006 Module
GBSH0007: Changing Health Systems GBSH0007 Module
GBSH0008: Business Project GBSH0008 Module
GBSH0009: Research Project GBSH0009 Module
GBSH0010: Leadership and Management for Global Healthcare GBSH0010 Module
GBSH0011: Economic Evaluation and Health Financing (Global Healthcare Management - at UCL East) GBSH0011 Module
GBSH0012: Organisational Behaviour GBSH0012 Module
GBSH0013: Accounting and Financial Reporting for Healthcare GBSH0013 Module
GBSH0014: Risk Management in Healthcare GBSH0014 Module
GBSH0015: Value Assessment and Decision Making GBSH0015 Module
GBSH0016: Capital and Equity Markets for Healthcare GBSH0016 Module
GBSH0017: Leading Innovation and Change in Healthcare GBSH0017 Module
GBSH0018: Digital Health Research Methods and Tools GBSH0018 Module
GBSH0019 : Marketing health and healthcare GBSH0019 Module
GBSH0021: Strategic Leadership in Healthcare GBSH0021 Module
GBSH0023: Pharmaceutical and Biotech Policies and Practices GBSH0023 Module
GBSH0024: Pharmacoeconomics GBSH0024 Module
GBSH0025: Healthcare Supply Chain Management GBSH0025 Module
GBSH0026: Pharma commercialization and marketing GBSH0026 Module
GBSH0028: Healthcare Power and Politics GBSH0028 Module
GBSH0031: Strategy, People and Marketing GBSH0031 Module
GBSH0033: Executive Leadership GBSH0033 Module
GBSH0038: Research Methods and Design GBSH0038 Module

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