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Applied Genomics CHLD0033 Module
CHLD0001: Health Services for Children CHLD0001 Module
CHLD0002: The Child and Community CHLD0002 Module
CHLD0003: Health Research Methods CHLD0003 Module
CHLD0004: Tertiary Care: Complex Childhood Disorders CHLD0004 Module
CHLD0005: Child Health Independent Research Project CHLD0005 Module
CHLD0007: Understanding Research and Critical Appraisal: Biomedicine CHLD0007 Module
CHLD0010: Clinical Education in Advanced Physiotherapy: Part 1 CHLD0010 Module
CHLD0012: Clinical Education in Advanced Physiotherapy: Part 2 CHLD0012 Module
CHLD0013: Physiotherapy Research and Dissemination CHLD0013 Module
CHLD0014: Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy Skills CHLD0014 Module
CHLD0017: Paediatric Neuro-Physiotherapy CHLD0017 Module
CHLD0018: Paediatric Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy CHLD0018 Module
CHLD0019: Clinical Exercise and Physical Activity CHLD0019 Module
CHLD0020: Paediatric Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy CHLD0020 Module
CHLD0021: Respiration Through Life, Health and Disease CHLD0021 Module
CHLD0022: Young Athlete: Injury Prevention and Management CHLD0022 Module
CHLD0023: The Heart Through Life, Health and Disease CHLD0023 Module
CHLD0024: Neurophysiotherapy: Evidence for Rehabilitation and Practice CHLD0024 Module
CHLD0025: Motor Control in Life, Health and Disease CHLD0025 Module
CHLD0026: Research Project CHLD0026 Module
CHLD0027: Family Well-Being in Early Childhood CHLD0027 Module
CHLD0028: Infant Development CHLD0028 Module
CHLD0029: Prenatal and Newborn Development CHLD0029 Module
CHLD0030: Preschool Years CHLD0030 Module
CHLD0031: Infancy and Early Childhood Development Research Project CHLD0031 Module
CHLD0034: Molecular Aspects of Cell and Gene CHLD0034 Module
CHLD0036: Research Project in Cell and Gene Therapy CHLD0036 Module
CHLD0037: Applied Statistics for Health Research II CHLD0037 Module
CHLD0039: Adolescent Mental Health CHLD0039 Module
CHLD0040: Treatment in Child and Adolescent Mental Health-Pharmacological CHLD0040 Module
CHLD0041: Introduction to child and adolescent mental health CHLD0041 Module
CHLD0042: International Child Mental Health CHLD0042 Module
CHLD0043: Neurodevelopmental Disorders in Child Mental Health CHLD0043 Module
CHLD0044: Treatment in Child and Adolescent Mental Health CHLD0044 Module
CHLD0045: Basic Research Methods in Child and Adolescent Mental Health CHLD0045 Module
CHLD0047: Child Mental Health and Wellbeing: Adaptations CHLD0047 Module
CHLD0049: Assessment of Neuropsychological Disorders and Their Functional Implications CHLD0049 Module
CHLD0050: Advanced Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience CHLD0050 Module
CHLD0051: Infant and Neurodevelopmental Assessment CHLD0051 Module
CHLD0052: Professional Issues for Paediatric Neuropsychologists CHLD0052 Module
CHLD0053: Development of the Sensory, Motor and Cognitive Neural Systems CHLD0053 Module
CHLD0054: Development Disorders and Neuropsychological Profiles CHLD0054 Module
CHLD0055: Developing Clinical Formulations and Interventions CHLD0055 Module
CHLD0056: Introduction to Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience CHLD0056 Module
CHLD0057: Paediatric Neuropsychology Research Project CHLD0057 Module
CHLD0058: Epidemiology for Child Health CHLD0058 Module
CHLD0059: Immunisation and Communicable Diseases CHLD0059 Module
CHLD0060: Safeguarding and Children in Society CHLD0060 Module
CHLD0061: Child Public Health CHLD0061 Module
CHLD0062: Nutrition, Growth and Physical Activity CHLD0062 Module
CHLD0064: CHLD0064: Applied Statistics for Health Research I CHLD0064 Module
CHLD0065: Leadership and Professional Development CHLD0065 Module
CHLD0066: Clinical Genomics Genetic and Rare Diseases CHLD0066 Module
CHLD0067: Specialist Paediatrics I CHLD0067 Module
CHLD0068: Specialist Paediatrics II CHLD0068 Module
CHLD0070: Molecular Biology of Normal Development and Birth Defects CHLD0070 Module
CHLD0071: Molecular and Clinical Aspects of Childhood Cancers CHLD0071 Module
CHLD0072: Adolescent Health Medicine CHLD0072 Module
CHLD0079: Paediatric Critical Care (General) CHLD0079 Module
CHLD0083: Evidence-based Child Health CHLD0083 Module
CHLD0084: Ethics and Law for Paediatrics and Child Health CHLD0084 Module
CHLD0085: Pharmacometrics CHLD0085 Module
CHLD0086: Rehabilitation and Management for People Living CHLD0086 Module
CHLD0087: Work Based Learning in Health CHLD0087 Module
CHLD0089: Critical Appraisal of Primary Care and Paediatric Practice CHLD0089 Module
CHLD0092: Personalised Medicine CHLD0092 Module
CHLD0093: Mental Health and Schools CHLD0093 Module
CHLD0096: Clinical Education in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy CHLD0096 Module
CHLD0097: Advanced Physiotherapy Management: Upper Quadrant CHLD0097 Module
CHLD0098: Lower Quadrant: Advanced Musculoskeletal Management CHLD0098 Module
CHLD0099: Neonatal Intensive Care CHLD0099 Module
CHLD0101: Practising Qualitative Research in Child and Adolescent Health CHLD0101 Module
Clinical Applications of Cell and Gene Therapy CHLD0032 Module
Fundamentals of Paediatric Physiotherapy GOSCLL Module
Novel Therapies: From Concept to Clinical Translation CHLD0091 Module
Research Project CHLD0048 Module
Stem Cells and Tissue Repair CHLD0035 Module
TMSICHSCGT01: MSc Cell and Gene Therapy TMSICHSCGT01 Programme
TMSICHSICD01: Infancy and Early Childhood Development TMSICHSIC Programme

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