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BSc Nutrition and Medical Sciences UG course NMS Programme
MEDC0005: Infection, Inflamation and Repair MEDC0005 Module
MEDC0020: Drug Design MEDC0020 Module
MEDC0022: Cancer Clinical Trials MEDC0022 Module
MEDC0023: Stem Cell Therapies MEDC0023 Module
MEDC0041: MSc Eating Disorders and Clinical Nutrition MEDC0041 Module
MEDC0042: Eating Disorders: Treatment MEDC0042 Module
MEDC0074: Nutrition and Metabolism 1 MEDC0074 Module
MEDC0092: Growth and Development MEDC0092 Module
MEDC0093: Bioscience in society: public engagement, policy and funding MEDC0093 Module
MEDC0107: Cell and Molecular Biology MEDC0107 Module
MEDC0109: From Clocks to Chaos: Biological Rhythms in Biology and Medicine MEDC0109 Module
MEDC0111: Where mind meets brain: Psychological and Brain Processes MEDC0111 Module
MEDC0113: Your Sensational Senses MEDC0113 Module
MEDC0132: Placement 2B MEDC0132 Module
MEDC0133: Placement 3 MEDC0133 Module
MEDC0135: Placement 1 MEDC0135 Module
MEDC0136: Placement 2A MEDC0136 Module
MSc Human Tissue Repairs MSCHTR Programme
Neurogenetics to Neurodegenerative Diseases MEDC0024 Module
TMSMEDSCDD01: MSc Clinical Drug Development TMSMEDSCDD01 Programme
TMSMEDSPHN01: MSc Clinical and Public Health Nutrition TMSMEDSPHN01 Programme
TMSMEDSPRM01: MSc Precision Medicine ZMSMEDSPRM01 Programme
UBSMEDSAPP05: BSc Applied Medical Science UBSMEDSAPP05 Programme

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