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Applications of immunology: immunotherapy, vaccinology and diagnostic techniques PHAY0073 Module
Mental Health and Wellbeing MHWELL Module
PHAY0001: Role of the Pharmacist in Health Care PHAY0001 Module
PHAY0002: Chemistry of Medicines PHAY0002 Module
PHAY0003: Body Systems and Therapeutics 1: Underpinning Principles of Cell and System Function and Drug Action PHAY0003 Module
PHAY0004: Making Safe and Effective Medicines PHAY0004 Module
PHAY0005: Clinical and Professional Considerations PHAY0005 Module
PHAY0006: Medicines from the Bench to the Clinic PHAY0006 Module
PHAY0007: Body Systems and Therapeutics 2: Cardiovascular, Renal and Endocrine Systems PHAY0007 Module
PHAY0008: Body Systems and Therapeutics 3: Central Nervous System, Gastro-Intestinal System, Liver, Skin, Eye PHAY0008 Module
PHAY0009: Certificate in Medicines Management for Pharmacy Technicians PHAY0009 Module
PHAY0010: Communicating Science and Practice PHAY0010 Module
PHAY0011: Body Systems and Therapeutics 4: Immunology, Inflammation, Infectious Diseases, Respiratory Diseases and Cancer PHAY0011 Module
PHAY0012: Future Design, Delivery and Administration of Medicines PHAY0012 Module
PHAY0013: Options PHAY0013 Module
PHAY0015: New Drug Targets in the CNS PHAY0015 Module
PHAY0017: Anticancer Personalised Medicines PHAY0017 Module
PHAY0019: Pharmacogenomics, Adverse Drug Reactions and Biomarkers PHAY0019 Module
PHAY0021: The Process of Drug Development PHAY0021 Module
PHAY0022: Advanced Structure-Based Drug Design PHAY0022 Module
PHAY0023: Pharma Management PHAY0023 Module
PHAY0024: Clinical Pharmacy Practice and Policy 1 PHAY0024 Module
PHAY0025: Clinical Pharmacy Practice and Policy 2 PHAY0025 Module
PHAY0026: Clinical Practice at Placement Site PHAY0026 Module
PHAY0027: Leadership, Healthcare and Pharmacy Innovation PHAY0027 Module
PHAY0028: Investigative Pharmacology PHAY0028 Module
PHAY0029: Modern Aspect of Drug Discovery PHAY0029 Module
PHAY0030: Initiating a Pharmaceutical Start-Up PHAY0030 Module
PHAY0031: Analysis and Quality Control PHAY0031 Module
PHAY0032: Preformulation PHAY0032 Module
PHAY0033: Formulation of Small Molecules PHAY0033 Module
PHAY0034: Personalised Medicine PHAY0034 Module
PHAY0035: Pharmaceutical Biotechnology PHAY0035 Module
PHAY0036: Clinical Pharmaceutics PHAY0036 Module
PHAY0037: Nanomedicines PHAY0037 Module
PHAY0038: Formulation of Natural Products and Cosmeceuticals PHAY0038 Module
PHAY0040: Polymers in Drug Delivery PHAY0040 Module
PHAY0041: Translational Neuroscience and Therapeutics PHAY0041 Module
PHAY0042: Foundation Stage One PHAY0042 Module
PHAY0043: Foundation Stage Two PHAY0043 Module
PHAY0046: Research and Evaluation PHAY0046 Module
PHAY0047: Education, Training and Development PHAY0047 Module
PHAY0048: Management and Leadership PHAY0048 Module
PHAY0049: Advanced Pharmacy Practice Portfolio PHAY0049 Module
PHAY0050: Formulation Project PHAY0050 Module
PHAY0052: Research Dissertation PHAY0052 Module
PHAY0053: Dissertation: MSc CPIPP PHAY0053 Module
PHAY0056 : Research Project for MSc Pharmaceutics PHAY0056 Module
PHAY0058: Preparation for Professional Practice PHAY0058 Module
PHAY0059: Advancing Practice through Science PHAY0059 Module
PHAY0060: Research Project PHAY0060 Module
PHAY0063: Clinically Enhanced Independent Prescribing PHAY0063 Module
PHAY0067: PG Pharmaceutical Quality and Regulation: Pharmaceutical Manufacture PHAY0067 Module
PHAY0068: Pharmaceutical Analysis PHAY0068 Module
PHAY0069: PG Pharmaceutical Quality and Regulation: Pharmaceutical Manufacture PHAY0069 Module
PHAY0070: PG Pharmaceutical Quality and Regulation: Pharmaceutical Manufacture PHAY0070 Module
Research Methods: Pharmarcy RESMETHPHARM Module

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