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MSc in Psychiatric Research TMSPBSSRES10 Programme
Neuroscience of mental health PSBS0006 Module
PSBS0001: Clinical Mental Health module PSBS0001 Module
PSBS0002: Core Principles of Mental Health Research PSBS0002 Module
PSBS0003: Current Research in Dementia PSBS0003 Module
PSBS0004: Current research in depression and anxiety PSBS0004 Module
PSBS0005: Current Research in Psychosis and Bipolar PSBS0005 Module
PSBS0007: Mental Health Care - Evaluation and Policy PSBS0007 Module
PSBS0008: Practical Statistics for Mental Health Research PSBS0008 Module
PSBS0009: Current Research in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities PSBS0009 Module
PSBS0010: Culture and the Clinic PSBS0010 Module
PSBS0011: Advanced Treatment and Management of Dementia PSBS0011 Module
PSBS0012: Mental Health in Social and Global Context PSBS0012 Module
PSBS0013: Epidemiologic Research Methods in Mental Health PSBS0013 Module
PSBS0015: Final Project (Research Project) PSBS0015 Module
PSBS0020: Current Research in Psychological Trauma and PTSD PSBS0020 Module
PSBS0021: Current Research in Children's and Young People's Mental Health PSBS0021 Module

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