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Centre for Behaviour Change BCHSING_BRN Center
Changing Minds CMINDS Course
Clinical Associate in Psychology : TMSCLNSING20 TMSCLNSING20 Programme
DCPTP: Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (DClinPsy) DCPTP Module
DDYPSYSCAP14: Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy PSYSCAP14 Module
DDYPSYSECP06: Doctorate in Educational and Child Psychology (DECPsy) DDYPSYSECP06 Programme
DDYPSYSEDU01: D.Ed.Psy. in Educational Psychology DDYPSYSEDU01 Programme
DEVNEUPSYMR: Developmental Neuroscience and Theories of Development DEVNEUPSYMR Module
Early Child Development 2 PSYC0264 Module
Introduction to Clinical Interventions: (AFNCCF on-line resources) INTCLINICAL Module
Introduction to psychotheraphy research CAPDSYCH Module
Language and Speech Science LASS_BRN Department
MSc in Theoretical Psychoanalytic Studies TMSPSYSTHE01 Programme
Multivariate Data Analysis for Research MULTIDATA Module
PALSTUT1: BSc Psychology and Language Sciences Tutorials PALSTUT1 Module
PALSTUT2: BSc Psychology and Language Sciences Year 2 Tutorials PALSTUT2 Module
PG Cert in Low Intensity Interventions for Severe Mental Health Problems TCPPSYSMHP01 Programme
PSBS20001: Clinical Mental Health PSBS20001 Module
PSYC0002: Behaviour Change: An Interdisciplinary Approach PSYC0002 Module
PSYC0004: Language and Cognition PSYC0004 Module
PSYC0005: Introduction To Psychological Experimentation PSYC0005 Module
PSYC0006: Introduction to Statistical Methods in Psychology PSYC0006 Module
PSYC0009: Memory and Decision PSYC0009 Module
PSYC0010: Social Psychology PSYC0010 Module
PSYC0012: Research and Quantitative Methods in Psychology PSYC0012 Module
PSYC0013: Design and Analysis of Psychological Experiments PSYC0013 Module
PSYC0014: Brain and Behaviour PSYC0014 Module
PSYC0015: Clinical and Health Psychology: Health PSYC0015 Module
PSYC0016: Developmental Psychology PSYC0016 Module
PSYC0017: Perception, Attention and Action PSYC0017 Module
PSYC0018: Computing for Psychologists PSYC0018 Module
PSYC0021: Affective Interaction PSYC0021 Module
PSYC0022: Psychology and Education PSYC0022 Module
PSYC0023: Topics in Clinical Psychology PSYC0023 Module
PSYC0024: Organisational Psychology PSYC0024 Module
PSYC0025: The Social Psychology of Risk PSYC0025 Module
PSYC0026: Topics in Developmental Psychology PSYC0026 Module
PSYC0027: Human-Computer Interaction PSYC0027 Module
PSYC0028: Applied Decision-making PSYC0028 Module
PSYC0029: Speech PSYC0029 Module
PSYC0030: Human Learning and Memory PSYC0030 Module
PSYC0031: Cognitive Neuroscience PSYC0031 Module
PSYC0032: The Brain in Action PSYC0032 Module
PSYC0033: Language in Context PSYC0033 Module
PSYC0034: Advanced Multivariate Statistical Methods in Psychology PSYC0034 Module
PSYC0035: Topics in Neurobiology PSYC0035 Module
PSYC0036: Genes and Behaviour PSYC0036 Module
PSYC0038: Introduction to Social and Business Psychology PSYC0038 Module
PSYC0039: Introduction to Psychology PSYC0039 Module
PSYC0043: Introduction to CBT in Context PSYC0043 Module
PSYC0044: Assessment and Engagement for CBT in Context PSYC0044 Module
PSYC0045: Basic Skills (Developing Understanding) PSYC0045 Module
PSYC0046: Basic Skills (Methods of Change) PSYC0046 Module
PSYC0047: Introduction to Disorder Specific Approaches PSYC0047 Module
PSYC0048: Diploma Module 6: Disorder Specific Approaches PSYC0048 Module
PSYC0049: Complex Problems PSYC0049 Module
PSYC0050: CBT in Context PSYC0050 Module
PSYC0054: Consulting Psychology PSYC0054 Module
PSYC0055: Talent Management PSYC0055 Module
PSYC0056: Business Psychology Seminars PSYC0056 Module
PSYC0057: Consumer Behaviour PSYC0057 Module
PSYC0064: Methods in cognitive neuroscience II: neuroimaging: PSYC0064 Module
PSYC0068: Methods in Cognitive Neuroscience I: Lesion Approaches PSYC0068 Module
PSYC0073: Designing and Analysing fMRI Experiments PSYC0073 Module
PSYC0074: Fundamentals of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy PSYC0074 Module
PSYC0075: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Anxiety Disorders PSYC0075 Module
PSYC0079: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Depression PSYC0079 Module
PSYC0081: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for People with Psychosis: Implementation PSYC0081 Module
PSYC0084: Introduction to Cognitive Science PSYC0084 Module
PSYC0085: Principles of Cognition PSYC0085 Module
PSYC0086: Judgment and Decision Making PSYC0086 Module
PSYC0087: Knowledge, Learning and Inference PSYC0087 Module
PSYC0089: Evolution and Social Behaviour PSYC0089 Module
PSYC0090: Judgment and Decision Making PSYC0090 Module
PSYC0095: Interfaces and interactivity PSYC0095 Module
PSYC0096: Physical Computing and Prototyping PSYC0096 Module
PSYC0097: Interaction Design PSYC0097 Module
PSYC0098: Human Factors for Digital Health PSYC0098 Module
PSYC0099: Serious and Persuasive Games PSYC0099 Module
PSYC0100: Accessibility and Assistive Technologies PSYC0100 Module
PSYC0101: Interaction Science PSYC0101 Module
PSYC0102: User-Centred Data Visualization PSYC0102 Module
PSYC0103: MSc HCI-E Project PSYC0103 Module
PSYC0104: Introduction to Neuroscience Methods PSYC0104 Module
PSYC0105: Affective Neuroscience: PSYC0105 Module
PSYC0106: Research Methods I: Introduction to Psychological Research PSYC0106 Module
PSYC0107: Research Methods II: Introduction to Statistical Analysis PSYC0107 Module
PSYC0108: Research Methods 1: Research Skills PSYC0108 Module
PSYC0109: Evaluating Clinical Interventions PSYC0109 Module
PSYC0110: Building and maintaining therapeutic relationships PSYC0110 Module
PSYC0111: Assessment and Planning Clinical Interventions PSYC0111 Module
PSYC0113: Clinical Practice in Context PSYC0113 Module
PSYC0114: Clinical Skills 1 PSYC0114 Module
PSYC0115: Clinical Skills 2 PSYC0115 Module
PSYC0117: Multiple Perspectives on Developmental Psychopathology 1 PSYC0117 Module
PSYC0121 / PSYCGN62: Basic Clinical Skills and the CYP IAPT Model PSYC0121 Module
PSYC0123: PG Dip CYP IAPT Therapy: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy PSYC0123 Module
PSYC0124: PG Dip CYP IAPT Therapy: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy PSYC0124 Module
PSYC0131: PG Diploma in CYP IAPT Therapy: Under 5s PSYC0131 Module
PSYC0132 : Autism Spectrum Disorders and Learning Disabilities PSYC0132 Module
PSYC0141: The Clinical Theory Of Psychoanalysis PSYC0141 Module
PSYC0142: Psychoanalytic Thought: An Introduction to Psychoanalytic Theory PSYC0142 Module
PSYC0146: Generic Research Skills (Statistics) PSYC0146 Module
PSYC0155: Empirical Projects PSYC0155 Module
PSYC0156: Special Research Methods Options PSYC0156 Module
PSYC0157: Computer Programming PSYC0157 Module
PSYC0158: Qualitative Data Analysis PSYC0158 Module
PSYC0161: Understanding Individuals and Groups PSYC0161 Module
PSYC0162: Social Cognition, Affect and Motivation PSYC0162 Module
PSYC0163: Current Issues in Attitudes and Research PSYC0163 Module
PSYC0164: Social Neuroscience PSYC0164 Module
PSYC0165: Social Cognition Research Methods PSYC0165 Module
PSYC0180: Behavioural Research in Applied Settings PSYC0180 Module
PSYC0220: Social Psychology PSYC0220 Module
PSYC0226: Parenting: theory, research and clinical intervention PSYC0226 Module
PSYC0236: CYP IAPT: Core Skills Theory and Practice - Parts I and II PSYC0236 Module
PSYC0237: CYP IAPT: Core Skills Theory and Practice - Parts I and II PSYC0237 Module
PSYC0241: Overview of Developmental Psychology PSYC0241 Module
PSYC0244: Individual Differences PSYC0244 Module
PSYC0245: Mental Health in ASC(LD): (Part 2) Intervention and Support PSYC0245 Module
PSYC0247 / PSYC0249: PG Diploma in CYP IAPT Therapy Interpersonal Psychotherapy for Adolescents (IPT-A): (Part 2) Evidence Based Practice PSYC0247 Module
PSYC0249 / PSYC0247 : PG Diploma in CYP IAPT Therapy Interpersonal Psychotherapy for Adolescents (IPT-A): (Part 1) Theory and Principles PSYC0249 Module
PSYC0251: Mental Health in ASC(LD): (Part 1) Theory and Assessment PSYC0251 Module
PSYC0261: Research Dissertation PSYC0261 Module
PSYC0263: Early Child Development 1 PSYC0263 Module
PSYC0265: Early Child Development 3 PSYC0265 Module
PSYC0266: The Psychology of Individual Differences PSYC0266 Module
PSYC0267: Multidisciplinarity and Multiple Perspectives in Early Years PSYC0267 Module
PSYC0270: Clinical Competencies and Masterclasses PSYC0270 Module
PSYC0271: Clinical Competencies and Masterclasses II PSYC0271 Module
PSYC0276: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Adults with Eating Disorders: Fundamentals PSYC0276 Module
PSYC0277: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Adults with Eating Disorders: Implementation PSYC0277 Module
PSYC0278: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Personality Disorders: Fundamentals PSYC0278 Module
PSYC0279: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Personality Disorders: Implementation PSYC0279 Module
PSYC0280: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for People with Psychosis: Fundamentals PSYC0280 Module
PSYC0281: Psychoanalytic Theories of Infancy and the Caregiver-Child Relationship PSYC0281 Module
PSYC0282: Applied Psychoanalytic Concepts PSYC0282 Module
PSYC0283: Moral Cognition PSYC0283 Module
PSYC0287: Exploring power, inclusion and exclusion with local communities PSYC0287 Module
PSYC0288: The Digital work place PSYC0288 Module
PSYC0299: Child Mental Health and Wellbeing: A Developmental Perspective PSYC0299 Module
PSYC0300: Common Mental Health PSYC0300 Module
PSYC0301: An Introduction to CBT, Mentalization, and Psychoanalytic Approaches PSYC0301 Module
PSYC0302: Working with the impact of childhood trauma and adversity PSYC0302 Module
PSYC0303: Trauma informed care in education settings PSYC0303 Module
PSYC8888: Publications by UG Psychology students/graduates 2012 onwards PSYC8888 Module
PSYCG212: Multi Modal Communication and Cognition PSYCG212 Module
PSYCGN22: Development Psychopathology II: Development Disorders from Multiple Perspectives PSYCGN22 Module
PSYCGN23: Introduction to Developmental Science PSYCGN23 Module
PSYCGR14: Core Skills PSYCGR14 Module
PYSC0246 / PSYC0250: Under Fives: (Part 1) Fundamental Principles / (Part 2) Interventions Module PYSC0246 Module
Qualitative Research Analysis QRESANALY Module
Qualitative Research Methods QRESM Module
TCPPSYSCYP19: PG Certificate Leading Transformation and Change: Children and Young People's Mental Health Services TCPPSYSCYP19 Module
TCPPSYSSCY01: Supervision: Children and Young People's Mental Health and Wellbeing Services TCPPSYSSCY01 Module
TMSBCHSING01: MSc Behaviour change TMSBCHSING01 Programme
TMSPSYSIOB011: MSc Industrial/Organisational and Business Psychology TMSPSYSIOB011 Module
TPPMHPSING01: PG Dip Educational Mental Health Practitioner, 2022/23 TPPMHPSING01 Programme
TPPPSYSCYW01: Postgraduate Diploma in Child and Young Persons Psychological Wellbeing Practice TCPPSYSCYW01 Programme
TPPPSYSLCB01: PG Dip Low Intensity Cognitive Behavioural Interventions TPPPSYSLCB01 Programme
TPPPSYSSWP01: Senior Wellbeing Practitioner TPPPSYSSWP01 Module

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