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ANIM0003: Introductory Science and Methods ANIM0003 Module
ANIM0004: Clinical Module 1: Foundational Neuroanatomy, Systems and Disease ANIM0004 Module
ANIM0005: Clinical Module 2: Pathology and Diagnostic Neuroimaging I ANIM0005 Module
ANIM0006: Pathology and Diagnostic Imaging II ANIM0006 Module
ANIM0007: Advanced Imaging ANIM0007 Module
ANIM0008: Imaging Modalities ANIM0008 Module
Clinical Module 4 – Neurology and Neuroimaging III: Neurodegeneration, Demyelination and Neuromuscular Disease (Term 2) ANIM0012 Module
CLNE0003: Stroke and Higher Functions of the Brain CLNE0003 Module
CLNE0004: Motor Systems and Disease CLNE0004 Module
CLNE0005: Epilepsy, Pain, Tumours and Infections of the Central Nervous System CLNE0005 Module
CLNE0007: Research Methods and Introduction to Statistics CLNE0007 Module
CLNE0009: Basic neuroscience and investigation of nervous system CLNE0009 Module
CLNE0011: Neurology and Neurosurgery - Advanced CLNE0011 Module
CLNE0012: Neurology and Neurosurgery - Basic CLNE0012 Module
CLNE0013: Neurodegenerative, Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases of the Nervous System - Basic CLNE0013 Module
CLNE0014: Common Problems in Neurological Practice - Basic CLNE0014 Module
CLNE0015: Common Problems in Neurological Practice - Advanced CLNE0015 Module
CLNE0016: Neurodegenerative, Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases of the Nervous System - Advanced CLNE0016 Module
CLNE0017: Stroke, Epilepsy and Rehabilitation - Basic CLNE0017 Module
CLNE0018: Stroke, Epilepsy and Rehabilitation - Advanced CLNE0018 Module
CLNE0019: Experimental Neurology CLNE0019 Module
CLNE0020: Motoneurons, Neuromuscular Junctions CLNE0020 Module
CLNE0021: Advanced Genetic Technologies and their Clinical Applications CLNE0021 Module
CLNE0022: Skeletal Muscle and Associated Diseases CLNE0022 Module
CLNE0023: Peripheral Nerves and Associated Diseases CLNE0023 Module
CLNE0024: Stroke: Risk factors, Pathophysiology and Imaging CLNE0024 Module
CLNE0025: Clinical Manifestations of Stroke CLNE0025 Module
CLNE0026: Treatment (HASU and Service Delivery) CLNE0026 Module
CLNE0028: Neurorehabilitation CLNE0028 Module
CLNE0029: Clinical Neuroscience of Dementia CLNE0029 Module
CLNE0030: Practical Neuroscience of Dementia CLNE0030 Module
CLNE0037: Research Project: MSc Dementia (Neuroscience) CLNE0037 Module
CLNE0043: Applied experimental approaches to studying neuronal circuits in health and disease CLNE0043 Module
CLNE0050 : Introduction to Clinical Neurology CLNE0050 Module
CLNE0051: Translational Brain Science of Dementia  CLNE0051 Module
CLNE0052 : Peripheral Nerves in Health and Disease  CLNE0052 Module
CLNE0053: Hyperacute Treatment of Stroke  CLNE0053 Module
CLNE0054: Motor Control in Health and Disease  CLNE0054 Module
CLNE0055: Clinical Neurology specialty topics  CLNE0055 Module
CLNE0056: Dissertation for iBSc Clinical Neurology and Brain Sciences  CLNE0056 Module
Genetic Therapies for Neurological Diseases CLNE0046 Module
MRes Advanced Neuroimaging Research Project ANIM0009 Module
MRes Neurosurgery MRESNEUR Programme
Physical Sciences Module 4 – Advanced Neuroimaging Analysis Methods (Term 2) ANIM0011 Module

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