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Journal Club JOURNALCLUB Module
MSc Burns, Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery TMSSRGSBPR01 Programme
MSc Evidence Based Healthcare TMSSRGSEBH01 Programme
MSc Nanotechnology & Regenerative Medicine TMSNANARGM01 Programme
MSc Trauma and Orthopaedics TMSTRAAORT01 Programme
ORTHG026: Musculoskeletal Biomechanics and Application in Physical Therapy ORTHG026 Module
Professional Clinical Practice SURG0160 Module
SURG0002: Research Methodologies and Transferable Skills SURG0002 Module
SURG0005: Research Governance SURG0005 Module
SURG0007: Clinical Aspects of Musculoskeletal Medicine and Surgery (Part I) SURG0007 Module
SURG0009: Clinical Aspects of Musculoskeletal Medicine and Surgery (Part II) SURG0009 Module
SURG0014: Musculoskeletal Biomechanics and Biomaterials (Part II) SURG0014 Module
SURG0033: Rehabilitation and Multi-Dimensional Patient Management SURG0033 Module
SURG0034: Movement Science and Pain SURG0034 Module
SURG0035: Musculoskeletal Biomechanics and Application in Physical Therapy SURG0035 Module
SURG0041: The Landscape of Perioperative Medicine SURG0041 Module
SURG0042: Towards a New Model in Perioperative Care SURG0042 Module
SURG0043: Data and Statistics in Perioperative Care SURG0043 Module
SURG0044: Quality, Safety and Leadership in Perioperative Care SURG0044 Module
SURG0045: The Evolving Paradigm in Perioperative Cardiac Disease SURG0045 Module
SURG0046: Elderly Medicine SURG0046 Module
SURG0047: Perioperative Pain and Cancer Disease SURG0047 Module
SURG0048: Special Topics Perioperative Care SURG0048 Module
SURG0050: Sport and Exercise Physiology SURG0050 Module
SURG0051: Exercise Medicine SURG0051 Module
SURG0052: Principles of Tissue Injury, Healing and Rehabilitation SURG0052 Module
SURG0053: Biomechanics and Sports Injuries SURG0053 Module
SURG0054: Research Project SURG0054 Module
SURG0055: Surgical Skills SURG0055 Module
SURG0056: Musculoskeletal Biomechanics and Biomaterials (Part I) SURG0056 Module
SURG0085: Translation of Nanotechnology and Regenerative Medicine SURG0085 Module
SURG0090: Applications of Rehabilitation Engineering, including notions of Anatomy and Physiology SURG0090 Module
SURG0091: Scientific Inquiry in Rehabilitation Engineering SURG0091 Module
SURG0092: Assistive Technology Devices and Rehabilitation Robotics SURG0092 Module
SURG0093: Inclusive Design and Human-Machine Interfaces SURG0093 Module
SURG0094: Group Research Projects SURG0094 Module
SURG0095: Individual Research Projects SURG0095 Module
SURG0106: Biomechanics for Assistive Technologies SURG0106 Module
SURG0112: Muscle physiology and sports strength and conditioning SURG0112 Module
SURG0137: Professional Medical Practice SURG0137 Module
SURG0140: Cardiovascular and Respiratory Function in Health and Disease SURG0140 Module
SURG0141: The Gut, Liver and Drug Metabolism SURG0141 Module
SURG0142: Kidneys, Hormones and Fluid Balance SURG0142 Module
SURG0149: Infection, Inflammation and Repair SURG0149 Module
SURG0150: Advanced Aesthetic Surgery of the Breast and Torso SURG0150 Module
SURG0152: Sport and exercise physiology SURG0152 Module
SURG0156: Pain Management MSc Research Project SURG0156 Module
SURG0161: Research Project SURG0161 Module
SURG0162: Advanced Aesthetic Surgery of the Head and Neck SURG0162 Module
SURG0163: Advanced Minimally Invasive Aesthetic Practice SURG0163 Module
SURG0165: Fundamentals of Minimally Invasive Facial Aesthetics SURG0165 Module
SURG0166: Minimally Invasive Aesthetic Practice SURG0166 Module
SURG0167: Principles and Practice of Aesthetics and Research Context SURG0167 Module
SURG0188: Sport & Exercise Performance Optimisation SURG0188 Module
SURGGH04: Research Methodologies for Human Tissue Repair SURGGH04 Module
SURGGR04: Biomechanics for Assistive Technologies SURGGR04 Module
SURGGR06: Electronic Devices and Implant Technologies SURGGR06 Module
SURGGR07: Social Cognitive Rehabilitation SURGGR07 Module
SURGU201: TERM Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine SURG2002 Module
TMSANAAPSC01: MSc Anaesthesia and PerioperativeScience: TMSANAAPSC01 Programme
TMSMEDSPFA01: MSc Performing Arts Medicine TMSMEDSPFA01 Programme
TMSSPOSM: MSc Sports Medicine, Exercise and Health TMSSPOSMEH01 Programme
TMSSRGSPNM01: MSc Pain Management TMSSRGSPNM01 Programme
TMSSURSING01: MSc Surgical and Interventional Sciences TMSSURSING01 Programme
UBIMEDWSAE01: iBSc in Sports and Exercise Medical Sciences UBIMEDWSAE01 Programme

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