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Curriculum Development MDSC0034 Module
Introduction to Supervising Learning and Assessment for Primary Care Professionals (ISLA) ISLA Module
MBBS MBBS Programme
MDSC0001: Education for Health Professionals MDSC0001 Module
MDSC0002: Introduction to Assessment MDSC0002 Module
MDSC0004: Teaching and Learning in Health Professions Education MDSC0004 Module
MDSC0005: Leadership Skills for the Healthcare Professional MDSC0005 Module
MDSC0009: Contemporary Issues in Clinical Education MDSC0009 Module
MDSC0011: Clinical and Educational Supervision MDSC0011 Module
MDSC0015: Clinical Simulation MDSC0015 Module
MDSC0020: Quality Improvement in Health Care MDSC0020 Module
MDSC0021: Qualitative Approaches for Clinical Education MDSC0021 Module
MDSC0022: Writing a Research Proposal for Clinical Education Projects MDSC0022 Module
MDSC0023: Teaching Ethics and Law in Clinical Education MDSC0023 Module
MDSC0029: Report on Health Professionals Education MDSC0029 Module
MDSC0030: Approaches to Leading Change MDSC0030 Module
MDSC0031: Conducting literature reviews for clinical education research MDSC0031 Module
MDSC0032: Strategic Leadership MDSC0032 Module
MDSC0033: Dissertation in Clinical Education MDSC0033 Module
MDSC0035: Understanding Health Professions Educational Research MDSC0035 Module
TMSDRDSING01: Drug Design MSc TMSDRDSING01 Programme

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