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Centre for Health Informatics and Multiprofessional Education CHIME Center
CHME0001: Principles of Health Data Analytics CHME0001 Module
CHME0002 : Standards and Interoperability CHME0002 Module
CHME0003: Research Methods in Healthcare CHME0003 Module
CHME0005: Information Systems in Healthcare CHME0005 Module
CHME0006: Electronic Health Records CHME0006 Module
CHME0007: e-health: Healthcare in the Internet Age CHME0007 Module
CHME0008: Clinical Decision Support Systems CHME0008 Module
CHME0010: Learning Health Systems CHME0010 Module
CHME0012: Principles of Health Data Science CHME0012 Module
CHME0013: Data Methods for Health Research CHME0013 Module
CHME0014: Principles of Epidemiology Applied to Electronic Health Records Research CHME0014 Module
CHME0015: Advanced Statistics for Records Research CHME0015 Module
CHME0016: Machine Learning in Healthcare and Biomedicine CHME0016 Module
CHME0017: Public Health Data Science CHME0017 Module
CHME0018: Machine Learning in Health Care CHME0018 Module
CHME0019: Statistical Methods for Health Data Analytics CHME0019 Module
CHME0021: Dissertation in Health Data Science CHME0021 Module
CHME0023: Dissertation in Health Informatics CHME0023 Module
CHME0025: Essentials of Informatics for Healthcare Systems CHME0025 Module
CHME0026: Personal Health Informatics CHME0026 Module
CHME0027: Digital Transformation Project CHME0027 Module
CHME0029: Advanced Statistical Analysis CHME0029 Module
CHME0030: Health Analysis Principles CHME0030 Module
CHME0031: Scientific Software Development with Python for Health Research CHME0031 Module
CHME0032: Healthcare Artificial Intelligence Journal Club CHME0032 Module
CHME0033: Dissertation in Artificial Intelligence enabled healthcare CHME0033 Module
CHME0034: Applied Computational Genomics CHME0034 Module
CHME0035: Advanced Machine Learning for Healthcare CHME0035 Module
CHME0036: Personal Health Informatics 22/23 CHME0036 Module
CHME0037: Patient Safety CHME0037 Module
CHMEGH00: Postgraduate Programme in Health Informatics CHMEGH00 Module
CHMEGH23: Principles of Health Informatics CHMEGH23 Module
CHMEGH27: eLearning in Healthcare CHMEGH27 Module
CHMEGHDA: Health Data Analytics CHMEGHDA Programme
CHMEGHDS: Data Science for Research in Health & Biomedicine CHMEGHDS Programme
CHMEGHIN: Health Informatics Induction CHMEGHIN Module
Clinical Epidemiology CLINEPID Center
XMCH0001: Healthcare Information Systems and Technologies XMCH0001 Module
XMCH0002: Standards and Interoperability XMCH0002 Module
XMCH0003: Modern Information Engineering XMCH0003 Module
XMCH0004: Usable Health Systems Design XMCH0004 Module
XMCH0005: Decision Support Systems XMCH0005 Module

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