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ICTM0001: Protecting Patients and Introduction to Patient Engagement ICTM0001 Module
ICTM0002: Trial Set-Up and Conduct - From an Idea to Reality ICTM0002 Module
ICTM0003: Further Trial Designs and Analysis ICTM0003 Module
ICTM0004: Applying Clinical Trial Design Principles in Practice ICTM0004 Module
ICTM0005: Managing Open Trials, Preparing for Analysis and Disseminating Trial Results ICTM0005 Module
ICTM0006: Patient and Data Pathways Through Clinical Trials ICTM0006 Module
ICTM0007: Introduction to Clinical Trial Designs and Statistical Analysis ICTM0007 Module
ICTM0008: MSc Clinical trials - Research Project ICTM0008 Module
ICTM0009: Statistical Principles and Critical Appraisal ICTM0009 Module
ICTM0017: Health Economics in Clinical Trials ICTM0017 Module
ICTM0018: Meta Analysis in Clinical Trials ICTM0018 Module
ICTM0019: Statistical Coding in Clinical Trials ICTM0019 Module
ICTM0020: Statistical Inference and Models in Clinical Trials ICTM0020 Module
ICTM0021: Advanced Clinical Trials Statistics ICTM0021 Module
ICTMG001: Trial Design and Determining the Intervention ICTMG001 Module

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