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Access to Justice: Theory and Practice LAWS0321 Module
Comparative Constitutional Law LAWS0311 Module
Comparative Corporate Governance LAWS0263 Module
Constitutional and Institutional Law of the EU LAWS0302 Module
Corporate and Social Responsibility: An International Perspective LAWS0331 Module
Corporate Finance LAWS0259 Module
Criminal Process and Human Rights LAWS0246 Module
Dissertation LAWS0327 Module
European Labour Rights in an International Context LAWS0244 Module
Foundations and Principles of International Law LAWS0245 Module
Gender, Law and the State: Current Legal Issues LAWS0231 Module
International and Commercial Trusts Law LAWS0328 Module
International and Comparative Secured Transactions LAWS0262 Module
International and European Refugee Law LAWS0310 Module
International Arbitration LAWS0256 Module
International Commercial Litigation LAWS0253 Module
International Criminal Law LAWS0237 Module
International Human Rights Law LAWS0232 Module
International Trade Law LAWS0255 Module
Jeremy Bentham and the Utilitarian Tradition LAWS0303 Module
Jeremy Bentham and the Utilitarian Tradition LAWS0230 Module
Judges, Courts and Judicial Decision-Making LAWS0312 Module
Jurisprudence and Legal Theory LAWS0332 Module
Jurisprudence and Legal Theory LAWS0304 Module
Land Use, Sustainability and Environmental Justice LAWS0301 Module
Law and Policy of Climate Change LAWS0293 Module
Law and Policy of International Courts and Tribunals LAWS0235 Module
Law of the World Trade Organisation LAWS0268 Module
LAWS0041 / LAWS0219: Academic Legal Writing LAWS0041 Module
LAWS0049: Competition Law (EU & UK) LAWS0049 Module
LAWS0057: International and Global Environmental Law LAWS0057 Module
LAWS0058 / LAWS0232: International Human Rights Law LAWS0058 Module
LAWS0062: Children and their Rights LAWS0062 Module
LAWS0063: Insurance Law (excluding Marine Insurance) LAWS0063 Module
LAWS0065: Competition Law Enforcement in Europe LAWS0065 Module
LAWS0066: Global Competition and Litigation LAWS0066 Module
LAWS0069 / LAWS0277: The Use of Force in International Law LAWS0069 Module
LAWS0077: Comparative Human Rights Law LAWS0077 Module
LAWS0081: Comparative Contract Law LAWS0081 Module
LAWS0083: Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions LAWS0083 Module
LAWS0084: Regulation of Financial Markets LAWS0084 Module
LAWS0086: Prison: Ideology, Policy and Law LAWS0086 Module
LAWS0088: International Energy Law LAWS0088 Module
LAWS0097: US Antitrust Law and EU Competition Law: A Comparative Perspective LAWS0097 Module
LAWS0105: Restitution of Unjust Enrichment LAWS0105 Module
LAWS0106: Economic Analysis of Law LAWS0106 Module
LAWS0113: Introduction to the International Law of the Sea LAWS0113 Module
LAWS0116: Corporate and Social Responsibility - an International Perspective LAWS0116 Module
LAWS0121: Modern Advocacy and Classical Rhetoric LAWS0121 Module
LAWS0124: Human Rights at Work LAWS0124 Module
LAWS0140: Competition Law and Intellectual Property Rights LAWS0140 Module
LAWS0141: Principles of Civil Justice LAWS0141 Module
LAWS0147: The Future of Legal Practice LAWS0147 Module
LAWS0149: EU Contract Law LAWS0149 Module
LAWS0150: Aspects of National Security Law LAWS0150 Module
LAWS0155: Access to Justice: Theory and Practice LAWS0155 Module
LAWS0156: Bioethics Governance LAWS0156 Module
LAWS0158: Law of Treaties LAWS0158 Module
LAWS0160: International Cultural Heritage Law LAWS0160 Module
LAWS0164: Corporations, Global Business and Environmental Protection LAWS0164 Module
LAWS0209: Company Law LAWS0209 Module
LAWS0219: Academic Legal Writing LAWS0219 Module
LAWS0249: Commercial Remedies LAWS0249 Module
LAWS0261: Alternative Dispute Resolution LAWS0261 Module
LAWS0269: Banking Law and Regulation LAWS0269 Module
LAWS0272: Law of Patents LAWS0272 Module
LAWS0277: Use of Force in International Law LAWS0277 Module
LAWS0281: Copyright and Designs, The Law of LAWS0281 Module
LAWS0295: Advanced Foundations of Environmental Law LAWS0295 Module
LAWS0297: Law and Policy of International Trade and the Environment LAWS0297 Module
LAWS0335: Decolonizing Law LAWS0335 Module
LAWS0336: Company Law LAWS0336 Module
LAWSG141: Law and Ethics LAWSG141 Module
LAWSG150: International Insolvency Law LAWSG150 Module
LAWSG152: Human Rights in Europe LAWSG152 Module
LAWSG155: Advanced Issues in Family Law: Globalisation, Multiculturalism and Religion LAWSG155 Module
LAWSLRSM: Laws Research Students Methods Seminars LAWSLRSM Module
Legal Aspects of International Finance LAWS0254 Module
Legal Needs and Legal Assistance LAWS0323 Module
Liquidation and its Consequences LAWS0285 Module
Marine Insurance Law LAWS0240 Module
Privacy, Data and Surveillance Law LAWS0338 Module
Religion, State and Law LAWS0319 Module
The Historical Development of the Common Law LAWS0329 Module
The Role of Economics in Competition Law and Practice LAWS0309 Module
Trade Marks and Unfair Competition in the UK, Europe and the United States LAWS0250 Module

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