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Advanced Contract Law: Key Themes and Contemporary Challenges LAWS0221 Module
LAWS0001: Contract LAWS0001 Module
LAWS0002: Property I LAWS0002 Module
LAWS0003: European Legal Studies (French) I LAWS0003 Module
LAWS0004: European Legal Studies (German) I LAWS0004 Module
LAWS0005: European Legal Studies (Spanish) I LAWS0005 Module
LAWS0006: Public Law LAWS0006 Module
LAWS0007 : Criminal Law LAWS0007 Module
LAWS0008: Laws’ Connections LAWS0008 Module
LAWS0009: Law in Action LAWS0009 Module
LAWS0010: Property II LAWS0010 Module
LAWS0011: Jurisprudence and Legal Theory LAWS0011 Module
LAWS0012: European Legal Studies (French) II LAWS0012 Module
LAWS0013: Tort Law LAWS0013 Module
LAWS0014: European Union Law LAWS0014 Module
LAWS0015: European Legal Studies (German) II LAWS0015 Module
LAWS0016: European Legal Studies (Spanish) II LAWS0016 Module
LAWS0017: Employment Law LAWS0017 Module
LAWS0018: History of English Law LAWS0018 Module
LAWS0021: Company Law LAWS0021 Module
LAWS0022: Law of Taxation LAWS0022 Module
LAWS0023: Commercial Law LAWS0023 Module
LAWS0024: Family Law LAWS0024 Module
LAWS0025: Environmental Law LAWS0025 Module
LAWS0028: Research Essay LAWS0028 Module
LAWS0029: Health Care Law LAWS0029 Module
LAWS0030: Access to Justice and Community Engagement LAWS0030 Module
LAWS0031: Human Rights in The United Kingdom LAWS0031 Module
LAWS0032: Roman Law LAWS0032 Module
LAWS0033: Alternative Dispute Resolution LAWS0033 Module
LAWS0034: Conflict of Laws LAWS0034 Module
LAWS0035: Criminology LAWS0035 Module
LAWS0037: Unjust Enrichment LAWS0037 Module
LAWS0039: Philosophical Foundations of the Common Law LAWS0039 Module
LAWS0040: Law and Social Inquiry LAWS0040 Module
LAWS0219: Academic Legal Writing LAWS0219 Module
LAWS0241: Carriage of Goods by Sea LAWS0241 Module
LAWS0339: Internet Law and Policy LAWS0339 Module
LAWS0351: Law and Religion: Key Issues LAWS0351 Module
LAWS0352: Law, Economics and Society: The Foundations of Capitalism LAWS0352 Module
LAWS0354: Legal Shakespeare LAWS0354 Module
LAWS0357: Sexuality and the Law LAWS0357 Module
Public International Law LAWS0027 Module

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