1. Test items 11 items
    1. Mims' medical microbiology and immunology - Richard V. Goering, Mark A. Zuckerman, Hazel M. Dockrell, Peter L. Chiodini 2019, ©2019


    2. Mims' medical microbiology and immunology - Richard V. Goering, Mark A. Zuckerman, Hazel M. Dockrell, Peter L. Chiodini 2019, ©2019


    3. The play of Gilgamesh - Edwin Morgan 2005


    4. International organizations: politics, law, practice - Ian Hurd 2018, ©2018


    5. Neurorehabilitation After Stroke - Manuel A. Anaya, Meret Branscheidt 07/2019


    6. Moral Judgment in Old Age - Francesco Margoni, Janet Geipel, Constantinos Hadjichristidis, Luca Surian 03/2018


  2. Legal content 17 items
    1. WestLaw 5 items
    2. Legal 8 items
      1. Rolf did not tell full truth May 30, 2014 Friday

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      2. Re Hunting plc

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  3. Harvard Business Review 6 items
    1. How Big Old Companies Navigate Digital Transformation. - Sebastian, Ina M.1 isebasti@mit.eduRoss, Jeanne W.1 jross@mit.eduBeath, Cynthia2 cbeath@mail.utexas.eduMocker, Martin3 martin.mocker@reutlingenuniversity.deMoloney, Kate G.1Fonstad, Nils O.1 nilsfonstad@mit.edu 2017

      Article  Harvard bookmarking

    2. Employee Motivation - Nitin Nohria et al. 2008


  4. Ovid Lippincott bookmarking 2 items
  5. Bookmarking journals from other platforms 8 items
    1. Ghosts in the Nursery - Selma Fraiberg, Edna Adelson, Vivian Shapiro 1975-6

      Article  Ovid

    2. The reproductive health indices and sex hormone levels in middle-aged and elderly Chinese men. - Li, Jian-Hui1Yu, Xiao-Hua1Zheng, Jun-Biao1Zhao, Jing2Wang, Jun1Shen, Yu-Zhong1Li, Yu-Min1Yu, Jin-Feng1Li, Dong1Xu, Jia-Neng1Zhu, Qian-Xi2qianxizhu@hotmail.com 2016

      Article  EbschoHost

    3. Predictors of dementia misclassification when using brief cognitive assessments - Janice M. Ranson, Elżbieta Kuźma, William Hamilton, Graciela Muniz-Terrera 04/2019

      Article  Direct from publishers

  6. E-Books 10 items
    1. Making Sense of Innovation in the Built Environment - Natalya Sergeeva 2019-1-15

      Book  Taylor and Francis - doi

    2. Psychology and education - Robert Morris Ogden 1926

      Book  APA PsychNet

    3. Obstetrics illustrated - Kevin P. Hanretty, Ian Ramsden, Robin Callander 2010 (electronic resource)

      Book  Dawsonera Platform

    4. A history of technology - Singer, Charles Joseph, 1876-1960.; Raper, Richard. 1954-1978.

      Book  ACLS e-book

    5. Human rights and international relations - R. J. Vincent, Royal Institute of International Affairs 1986


    6. Environmental criminology and crime analysis - Richard Wortley, Lorraine Green Mazerolle 2008 (electronic resource)


    7. Llewellyn-Jones fundamentals of obstetrics and gynaecology - Jeremy Oats, Suzanne Abraham 2017

      Book  Dawsonera

  7. Print books 7 items
    1. Principles of anatomy and physiology - Gerard J. Tortora, Sandra Reynolds Grabowski c2003


    2. Stem cell repair and regeneration - Nagy A. Habib c2005-


    3. Pathophysiology - Tom Betsy c2011


    4. A practical English grammar - A. J. Thomson, A. V. Martinet 1969

      Book Essential

    5. Cases and materials on international law - D. J. Harris, Sandesh Sivakumaran 2015


  8. week 1 4 items
  9. Non standard bookmarking 10 items
    1. Anabolic-androgenic steroids alter decision making in a balanced rodent model of the Iowa gambling task. - Kathryn Wallin-Miller, Grace Li, Diana Kelishani, Ruth I. Wood 06/2018

      Article  Ovid - bookmarking ok

    2. Brexit, Higher Education, and Responsible Governance - Adam P. McCann 18/08/2017

      Article  HeinOnline - bookmarks okay

    3. Higher Education and Research Act 2017 c. 29: Schedule 5 Powers of entry and search etc. April 1, 2018

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    4. Case Analysis: Richard v BBC 13 June 2017

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    5. Richard v British Broadcasting Corporation and another 26 May 2017

      Legal Case Document  [2017] EWHC 1291 (Ch) : Lexis Library case law (no perm link provided): from editing screen, can open new page (right-hand side) to see article

    6. Amber Rudd's resignation receives mixed reaction April 29, 2018 Sunday

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  10. Gaby's Items 11 items
    1. The Kayapo: out of the forest - Mike Beckham, Terence Turner c1995

      Audio-visual document 

    2. J'accuse

      Audio-visual document  The browser is out of date as it can be accessed via the internet freely - youtube might be better

    3. test

    4. pride and prejudice 1995

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  11. Joanna's Items 9 items
    1. The Kayapo

      Audio-visual document 

    2. J'Accuse - Marise Dauvray, Séverin Mars, Romauld Joubé, Abel Gance 2014

      Audio-visual document 

  12. Chris L's Items 10 items
  13. Ian's 6 items
    1. Cannibal tours - O'Rourke, Dennis

      Audio-visual document 

  14. Articles 16 items
    1. Mentalisation and passivity by Michel Fain - Marilia Aisenstein, Marina Papageorgiou 04/03/2018


    2. Space Microbiology - Gerda Horneck 01/03/2010


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  16. Carolyne's list 15 items
    1. This course provides students with a background knowledge and broad understanding of conservation practice. Lectures, demonstrations and case-­‐studies cover the techniques and processes of conservation. Students then work independently to develop their skills through practical projects focused on evaluation and selection of conservation methods and materials. The course has strong

      emphasis on the links between theory and practice, learning through experimentation, and independent problem solving.

    2. www.ucl.ac.uk/archaeology/administration/students/handbook

      MSc Conservation Moodle site

      Moodle Site:


      Conservation Processes Moodle site:


      The Online Reading List for this course is under construction here:  

    3. Interaction design: beyond human-computer interaction - Jenny Preece, Helen Sharp, Yvonne Rogers 2015


    4. Project managing e-learning: a handbook for successful design, delivery and management - Marguerita McVay Lynch, John Roecker 2007

      Book Essential Essential reading for next module

    5. Don't make me think, revisited: a common sense approach to Web usability - Steve Krug, Steve Krug 2014


    6. Information anxiety2 - Richard Saul Wurman 2001


    7. Information is beautiful - David McCandless 2009


    8. Envisioning information - Edward R. Tufte c1990


    9. Information design - Robert E. Jacobson, Richard Saul Wurman c1999


    10. The visual display of quantitative information - Edward R. Tufte 2002


    11. The notation of movement - Margaret Morris 1928


  17. Audio-Visual 8 items
    1. The Real Housewives of Miami :clip

      Webpage  Title: The Real Housewives of Miami - Clip Channel Name: ITV2 Date: Wednesday 14 May 2014 at 17:10 Description: Healing Hole: Reality series. Relationships are on the chopping block as the women return from Bimini with new-found confidence and a desire to turn their lives around.

    2. Cajus Julius Caesar - Novelli, Amleto, Mattalia, Irene, Nazzari, Antonio, Guazzoni, Enrico [2009?]

      Audio-visual document 

    3. Compilatie DVD. - Arturo Ambrosio; Luigi Maggi 1867-1946; Enrico Guazzoni 1876-1949; Giovanni Pastrone; Luigi Borgnetto; Ugo Falena 1874-1931; EYE Film Instituut Nederland.

      Audio document 

    4. The mayor of Casterbridge / by Thomas Hardy. - Alan Bates 1934-2003; Anne Stallybrass; Anna Massey; Dennis Potter; David Giles; Jonathan Powell 1947-; Carl Davis 1936-; Thomas Hardy 1840-1928.; British Broadcasting Corporation.

      Audio document 

    5. The Joy of Stats: Part of the Tools of Science season - BBC4 7/12/10

      Webpage  BOB - bookmark: At : 21:00 Description: Part of the Tools of Science season. Documentary exploring the history of statistics and how they can help society today.

    6. BLU-RAY AND HD DVD: BETAMAX-VHS 'FORMAT WARS' REDUX? - S. George, V. Prasad, S. Govind 2006

      Webpage  ECCH - Case Study - Reference no. 306-562-8

  18. Books 8 items
    1. A little book of r for bioinformatics - Avril Coghlan 2017

      Book  The content in this book is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License ; https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

    2. SPSS for psychologists - Nicola Brace, Richard Kemp, Rosemary Snelgar 2009


    3. The goat and the gazelle: witchcraft - T. M Luhrmann


    4. Memory - Bjork, Elizabeth Ligon, Bjork, Robert A. 1996


    5. Legal naturalism: a Marxist theory of law - Olufemi Taiwo 1996


    6. 'Nonsense upon stilts': Bentham, Burke and Marx on the rights of man - Waldron, Jeremy 1987

      Book Optional Read by next week esp. chapter 1

    7. The brain book - Russell, Peter 1979

      Book  Not held at UCL : Available via the British Library

    8. Essentials of psychological testing - Susana Urbina 2014


  19. British Standards 4 items
  20. Not connecting to catalogue 2 items
    1. The curious feminist: searching for women in a new age of empire - Cynthia H. Enloe c2004


  21. TADC TEST 5 items
    1. Spacious skies and tilted axes - Jared Diamond


    2. http://readinglists.ucl.ac.uk/items/27EC82FB-41B6-8B46-C6F8-8AEC0F668164.html?referrer=%2Flists%2F1C2B51B9-EF9A-88C5-D4C8-D3D018749900.html%23item-27EC82FB-41B6-8B46-C6F8-8AEC0F668164

    3. "The Story of REDD: A real solution to deforestation?" 24/4/2012

      Audio-visual document  http://readinglists.ucl.ac.uk/items/27EC82FB-41B6-8B46-C6F8-8AEC0F668164.html?referrer=%2Flists%2F1C2B51B9-EF9A-88C5-D4C8-D3D018749900.html%23item-27EC82FB-41B6-8B46-C6F8-8AEC0F668164

    4. "The Story of REDD: A real solution to deforestation?" 24/4/2012

      Audio-visual document  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7MJZmzOh4Po&t=60s

  22. UCL Discovery 2 items
    1. Essential readings

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