This list relates to the academic year Academic Year 2017/18 which ended on 20/07/2018
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  1. Food and culture 9 items
    1. Weighing in: obesity, food justice, and the limits of capitalism - Julie Guthman, ProQuest (Firm) c2011 (electronic resource)


    2. Food and love: a cultural history of East and West - Jack Goody c1998

      Book Recommended Part II is particularly important, Particularly Ch 7

    3. Food Phreaking (Issue 00) - The Centre for Genomic Gastronomy

      Book Essential

    4. Food Junctions Cookbook 2011

      Book Recommended This book is available online. It's a great example of output from a project that uses multiple knowledges to look at how we experience food and cooking, particularly in a cultural context.

    5. Weighing in: obesity, food justice, and the limits of capitalism - Julie Guthman, ProQuest (Firm) c2011 (electronic resource)


  2. Citizen and DIY Science 10 items
    1. Institutions for Civic Technoscience: How Critical Making is Transforming Environmental Research - Sara Ann Wylie, Kirk Jalbert, Shannon Dosemagen, Matt Ratto 03/2014

      Article Recommended

  3. Design 6 items
    We're specifically looking at the practice of co-design and co-creation in relation to engagement with food and the environment.
    1. Design activism: beautiful strangeness for a sustainable world - Alastair Fuad-Luke 2009

      Book Essential Particularly, but not exclusively, the Preface and Chapter 5

    2. Co-creation and the new landscapes of design - Elizabeth B.-N. Sanders, Pieter Jan Stappers 03/2008


    3. The collective articulation of issues as design practice - Carl DiSalvo, Thomas Lodato, Laura Fries, Beth Schechter 09/2011


    4. Rekindling values in participatory design - Ole Sejer Iversen, Kim Halskov, Tuck Wah Leong 2010


    5. Designing Collaboration - Essi Salonen 2012


  4. Activism and Action 3 items
    1. Activist Art: Does it Work? - Stephen Duncombe, Steve Lambert 01/10/2013

      Webpage  This is written by the founders of the C4AA (Centre for Artistic Activism) It's also worth checking out their podcast and webinar on fundamentals of artistic activism, here:

    2. On Art Activism - Boris Groys June 2014


  5. Multiple Knowledges 5 items
    Much of the reading in this section is directed towards multiple knowledges in the development sector. However, there are many parallels with inter- and trans-disciplinarily, and with working with communities in any country. When you read these pieces, think beyond their specific examples to how these learnings can be applied to our own problem space.
    1. You eat with your eyes first - Jeannine F. Delwiche 11/2012

      Article Essential This article reports various components in the multi-sensory interplay that constitutes our experience of food, particularly how the visual appearance affects our sense of taste.

    2. Connecting food environments and health through the relational nature of aesthetics: Gaining insight through the community gardening experience - James Hale, Corrine Knapp, Lisa Bardwell, Michael Buchenau 06/2011

      Article Optional This paper looks at the aesthetics and affect aspects of food-growing and the relation to connection to the land.

  6. Foraging 3 items
    1. The edible city: a year of wild food - John Rensten 2016

      Book Essential John Rensten is one of the foremost urban foragers in the UK. You should be familiar with much of the content of this book.

    2. Urban Forest Justice and the Rights to Wild Foods, Medicines, and Materials in the City - Melissa R. Poe, Rebecca J. McLain, Marla Emery, Patrick T. Hurley 2013-6


    3. Knowledge of Resources and Competitors in Human Foraging - Robert L Goldstone, Benjamin C Ashpole, Michael Roberts


  7. Nutrition 1 item
  8. Embodied Knowledge 8 items
    1. The BIOdress - Sara Adhitya, Beck Davis, Raune Frankjaer, Patricia Flanagan 2016


    2. Sensible objects: colonialism, museums, and material culture - Elizabeth Edwards, Chris Gosden, Ruth B. Phillips 2006

      Book Recommended

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