1. Sources mentioned in the session 4 items
    1. Reading lists – time for a reality check? An investigation into the use of reading lists as a pedagogical tool to support the development of information skills amongst Foundation Degree students - Gillian Siddall 2014

      Article Essential This article investigates reading lists as a pedagogic tool, however there are some interesting comments from students about how they rate their reading lists... pp. 60-61 'Student reality'.

    2. ReadingLists@UCL: CHIME teaching 5/3/2012

      Audio-visual document Recommended 4.10 minutes. Using ReadingLists@UCL in teaching CHIME Health Informatics. With Dr. Matthew Darlinson and student comments.

    3. ReadingLists@UCL: Introducing ReadingLists@UCL - UCL 2/9/2014

      Audio-visual document Recommended 4 minutes introducing ReadingLists@UCL with Anthony Smith, VP for Education and Student Affairs, Paul Ayris Pro Vice-Provost & Director of UCL Library Services, lecturers and students.

  2. Electrical Engineering in Television and Radio 3 items
    1. Engineering Giants. Episode 1 'Jumbo Jet Strip-Down' Thursday, 19 Jul 2012

      Audio-visual document Optional 60 mins (Accessed 23 Jan 2017)

    2. Beyond Belief 'Artificial Intelligence' Monday, 6 Apr 2015

      Audio-visual document Optional 30 mins (Accessed 23 Jan 2017)

    3. Nina and the Neurons: Go Engineering Saturday, 14 Sep 2013

      Audio-visual document Optional 15 mins (Accessed 23 Jan 2017)

  3. How to get started... 2 items
    1. ReadingLists@UCL for Teaching Staff

      Webpage Essential View this webpage for the three steps to getting started. Also contains FAQs and a Quick Guide.

    2. Lost? Need help or inspiration?  Get in touch. 


  4. Your practice bookmarks! 5 items
    1. Optoelectronics and photonics: principles and practices - S. O. Kasap c2001

      Book Suggested for student purchase

    2. Power electronics - Cyril W. Lander c1993

      Book Recommended

    3. Fundamentals of statistical signal processing - Steven M. Kay c1993-2013


    4. Wireless communications - Andreas F. Molisch, IEEE Communications Society 2005


    5. Wireless communications - Andreas F. Molisch, IEEE Communications Society 2005


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