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  1. Fundamentals 6 items
    You should read and familiarise yourself with the elements here as part of your basic professional preparation
    1. Licensing professional software engineers - Phillip A. Laplante 01/07/2014

      Article Essential This article is essential reading in terms of your professional awareness and the way in which software engineers may or may not be able to demonstrate their competence.

    2. Should software engineers be licensed? - John C. Knight, Nancy G. Leveson 2002-11-1

      Article Essential Another excellent paper giving an overview of issues in professional licensing.

    3. An international perspective on U.S. licensure of software engineers - Phillip A. Laplante 21/2013

      Article Essential Another related article on licensing looking at a non-US perspective.

    4. (2017-18 onward) Professional issues in information technology - Frank Bott 2014

      Book Essential This is a good overview of many aspects of professionalism in IT. Chapters 5-8 are perhaps less relevant to this particular module but could be worth reading anyway.

  2. Current Awareness 9 items
    1. The role of Artificial Intelligence in Software Engineering - Mark Harman 06/2012

      Article Essential Although a few years old, this paper sets out a good overview of AI in Software Engineering applications, something that is increasingly important as machine learning is beginning to be used in real software engineering applications.

    2. The Register: Sci/Tech News for the World

      Website Essential A good current IT news site, somewhat UK/Europe centric.

    3. News and analysis for UK IT directors, CTOs and CIOs - Computing

      Website Essential Another very long standing site (formerly weekly paper).

    4. | Information Technology (IT) News, UK IT Jobs, Industry News

      Website Essential A very long standing weekly IT news site (formerly a paper).

    5. SD Times - Software Development News

      Website Recommended Site for software development news.

    6. Slashdot

      Website Recommended Technology news site - very broad coverage and less IT-industry specific, but you'll find lots of contrasting views here.

    7. Software engineering best practices: lessons from successful projects in the top companies - Capers Jones c2010

      Book Optional A book on best practice by an authority in the field. Bear in mind though that the field moves fast and this edition is from 2010 so some aspects may be less current than they were at publication.

  3. Project Management 38 items
    1. (2017-18 onward) The Art of Business Value - Mark Schwartz 2016

      Book Recommended

    2. (2017-18 onward) Decision-Centric Architecture Reviews - Uwe van Heesch, Veli-Pekka Eloranta, Paris Avgeriou, Kai Koskimies 2014-1

      Article Essential

    3. Being agile: eleven breakthrough techniques to keep you from "waterfalling backward" - Leslie Ekas, Scott Will c2014

      Book Recommended This is ideal if you wish to read a short book covering teamwork and recent effective practices in development. It emphasises ground rules for working as a team early on.

    4. Lean-Agile Software Development: Achieving Enterprise Agility (Net Objectives Lean-Agile Series) 22 Oct. 2009

      Book Optional This is an excellent up-to-date book covering approaches that are equally applicable to other technology domains and research and outlines current ideas on lean and agile planning, coping with emergent design and goals.

    5. Google: how Google works - Eric Schmidt, Jonathan Rosenberg, Alan Eagle, Larry Page March 2017

      Book Optional If you read one book to help you progress in your career I suggest you read this one. It emphasises that when Google appoint, they are looking for technologists and programmers who have demonstrated they have helped the team to succeed even when they are not the designated leader.

    6. Succeeding with agile: software development using Scrum - Mike Cohn c2010

      Book Optional This has a detailed explanation of how to transition from the traditional roles of project manager to roles outlined to Scrum. The key point of this book is that the team agree a process and the ScrumMaster then acts as a coach to facilitate what has been agreed is carried out. The highest level of commitment is where the individuals in a team volunteer to take on tasks. Just as much a project and team building book as an authoritative outline of the agile method Scrum.

    7. User stories applied: for agile software development - Mike Cohn c2004

      Book Recommended Helps teams understand the context and describe what stakeholders want in software development projects.

    8. Project management, planning and control: managing engineering, construction and manufacturing projects to PMI, APM, and BSI standards - Albert Lester c2014

      Book Essential One of the most comprehensive project management books available. The chapter “Agile Project Management” is required reading prior to lectures 3.

    9. Lean Enterprise: How High Performance Organizations Innovate at Scale (Lean (O'Reilly)) - Jez Humble, Joanne Molesky, Barry O'Reilly 3 Jan. 2015

      Book Optional One of the main messages is decouple deployments (blue-green deployment) and release to lower risk in development.

    10. Sanjiv Augustine - Managing Agile Projects

      Webpage Optional Excellent outline of software project management, including team structures.

    11. Software architecture in practice - Len Bass, Paul Clements, Rick Kazman c2003

      Book Recommended Award winning book that covers architecture views in-depth.

    12. Reflections on management - Watts S. Humphrey 2010

      Book Optional Watts is well known for his books on software development but this shows an in-depth understanding of the human dimension. Although my lectures cover many management authors, this short book that will help you with your projects, your team and your boss as well as managing yourself. Another excellent book by Watts is his book covering the SEI team approach to software engineering, Introduction to the Personal Software Process, SEI Series in Software Engineering, Addison Wesley, 2005, which I cite in lectures.

    13. Rethinking project management: an organisational perspective - Erling S. Andersen 2008

      Book Optional Many books on project management outline the tasks a project manager has to complete. This book puts the role into a wider context and covers the many conflicting dilemmas a project manager has to deal with. If you are only going to read one project management text I would recommend this one. Alternative books as an introduction to project management would be Trevor L Young Successful Project Management, Kogan Page Third Edition 2010, which is a short book with an emphasis on success factors.

    14. Software engineering best practices: lessons from successful projects in the top companies - Capers Jones c2010

      Book Recommended Effective practices in development and project management, as well as why traditional approaches to software quality are often ineffective.

    15. How to manage project opportunity and risk: why uncertainty management can be a much better approach than risk management - C. B. Chapman, Stephen Ward, C. B. Chapman 2011

      Book Optional The importance of assessment of risk and opportunity at each phase of the project is stressed. The lecture on risk will make reference to this book as well as books by Taleb.

    16. Fooled by randomness: the hidden role of chance in life and in the markets - Nassim Taleb 2007

      Book Recommended Provides a detailed explanation of probability in relation to what appears to be random events. I would particularly recommend the FSE students read this book.

    17. Beautiful code 2007

      Book Optional An excellent book; covering the thinking behind selection of code, languages and approaches in the past, especially the chapter outlining how NASA chose a low risk approach by adopting SOA.

    18. The balanced scorecard: translating strategy into action - Robert S. Kaplan, D. P. Norton c1996

      Book Optional This is a seminal book with a central theme that business and project managers should consider not just financial measures but the wider benefits of customer satisfaction, team working and learning as well as improved business processes. I will cover this book in detail in the lectures and also cover authors and researchers have extended the context to fully understand the goals and ensure that key stakeholders are brought into the process.

    19. Key performance indicators - Bernard Marr 2012

      Book Optional This book is based on the concepts outlined by Kaplan and Norton but in a succinct ways gives simples examples of commonly used KPIs in project reports. This book will be supplemented with examples for KPIs to evaluate web-sites and examples relevant to cloud technologies and your research projects.

    20. Thinking, fast and slow - Daniel Kahneman 2011

      Book Recommended This insightful book has numerous examples and explanations of human behaviour relevant to business. Reading this book you will realise why people are more worried about loss than gain; important if you are preparing a product pitch or project presentation. Ensure you cover challenges as well as opportunities!

    21. CMMI for Development, Version 1.3

      Document Recommended A particularly useful checklist of things you may like to consider in your project report. Outline of the value of this document will be briefly introduced in the first lecture, during the risk lecture covering causal analysis and last lecture, which covers process improvement.

    22. Coordination in co-located agile software development projects - Diane E. Strode, Sid L. Huff, Beverley Hope, Sebastian Link 06/2012

      Article Essential The case studies are required reading for lecture 2.

    23. Agile Project Management - Graham Collins

      Document Recommended in Lester, A., Project Management Planning and Control, Chapter Appendix 1, pp.523-538, Elsevier 2014. The pdf for this chapter will be provided within the course website.

    24. Microservices - James Lewis, Martin Fowler

      Webpage Recommended

    25. A Classification of Value for Software Architecture Decisions - Ulrik Eklund, Thomas Arts

      Chapter Recommended Recommended reading for lecture 5.

    26. Enabling Agility Through Architecture - N Brown, R.L. Nord, I. Ozkaya

      Webpage Recommended Recommended reading for lecture 5.

    27. A search based approach to fairness analysis in requirement assignments to aid negotiation, mediation and decision making - Anthony Finkelstein, Mark Harman, S. Afshin Mansouri, Jian Ren 12/2009

      Article Recommended Suggested reading for lecture 6 trade-offs and optimisation, first two pages.

    28. October, 2014 - Insufficient data from Andrew Fryer - Site Home - TechNet Blogs

      Webpage Recommended Machine Learning web page suggested reading for lecture 7. Check you know why area under curve (AUC) is important, although receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curves and AUC will be covered during the lecture.

    29. Understanding Joint Confidence Level (JCL) at NASA

      Document Recommended Lecture 8 resources covering risk.

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