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  1. Term 1 37 items
    1. Week 1. Development Workshop 1 item
      1. Induction and development workshop

    2. Session 1a: Capacities for environmental transformation: Mapping Learning Expectations. 1b: Introducing the practice module 3 items
      1. Co-learning the City - towards a Pedagogy of poly-learning and planning praxis - A. Allen, R & C. Yap

        Chapter Essential

    3. Session 2a: Understanding urban risk. Session 2b: Interpreting the ToR: Introduction to group and individual outputs. Session 2c: Group Protocol: Designing guiding principles for group work 6 items
      1. Urban ARK 6: Urban risk in Freetown’s informal settlements: making the invisible visible - Adriana Allen, Braima Koroma, Emmanuel Osuteye, Andrea Rigon 2017

        Article Essential Open access document

      2. African Urbanisation and Urbanism: Implications for risk accumulation and reduction - David Dodman, Hayley Leck, Maria Rusca, Sarah Colenbrander 2017-7

        Article Essential E-journal

      3. Futher Reading:

      4. Urban Africa: Risk Knowledge – A Research Agenda - D. Brown et al. 2017

        Article Essential Open access document

      5. Ch. 2: African Cities of Hope and Risk - Ben Wisner, Mark Pelling

        Chapter Optional

    4. Session 3: Socio-environmental justice and space 6 items
      1. Environmental Justice and Resilience in the Urban Global South: An Emerging Research Agenda - Deena Khalil, Adriana Allen, Liza Griffin, Cassidy Johnson December 2013

        Article Essential Open access document

      2. Inserting rights and justice into urban resilience: a focus on everyday risk - Gina Ziervogel, Mark Pelling, Anton Cartwright, Eric Chu 04/2017

        Article Recommended E-journal

      3. Further reading

      4. Distribution and beyond : conceptions of justice in contemporary theory and practice - David Schlosberg

        Chapter Recommended E-book. This chapter ('Distribution and beyond...') is in Part I 'Justice in Theory and Practice'.

      5. On the production of Unjust Geographies - Edward Soja

        Chapter Recommended Digitised reading

    5. Reading Week 0 items
    6. Week 6: Development Planning in Practice: Windsor Workshop: Driving Institutional and Organisational Change 0 items
      Introductory session to Windsor Workshop, Preparatory Group Work, Cumberland Lodge
    7. Session 4: Urban Risk: Social and biophysical determinants and diverging experiences 8 items
      1. Urban risk assessments: understanding disaster and climate risk in cities - Eric Dickson, Judy L. Baker, Daniel A. Hoornweg, Asmita Tiwari 2012

        Book Essential Chapter 2 pp.21-34

      2. Further Reading:

      3. Chapter 5 Urban resilience: planning for risk, crisis and uncertainty - Jon Coaffee, Peter Lee

        Chapter Recommended

      4. A systems approach to meeting the challenges of urban climate change - Jo da Silva, Sam Kernaghan, Andrés Luque 11/2012

        Article Recommended E-journal

    8. Session 5: Assessing and capturing urban risk 2 items
      1. Urban risk assessments: understanding disaster and climate risk in cities - Eric Dickson, Judy L. Baker, Daniel A. Hoornweg, Asmita Tiwari 2012

        Book Essential e-BOOK. Read Chapter 2, pp. 21-34.

    9. Session 6: Spatialising Injustices: Writing Maps, Extracting, Layering and Synthesizing 5 items
      1. Participatory Mapping to Disrupt Unjust Urban Trajectories in Lima - Rita Lambert, Adriana Allen

        Chapter Essential Open access e-book

      2. Further Reading:

      3. Defining and contesting environmental justice : socio-natures and the politics of scale in the Delta - Julie Sze, Jonathan London, Fraser Shilling, Gerardo Gambirazzio

        Chapter Recommended Digitised Reading

      4. Grasping the unknowable: coming to grips with African urbanisms - E. Pieterse

        Chapter Recommended

    10. Session 7: Narrative construction: From Disaster Risk Management to Transformative Change 6 items
      1. A Narrative Policy Framework: Clear Enough to Be Wrong? - Michael D. Jones, Mark K. McBeth 05/2010

        Article Essential E-journal

      2. Further reading

      3. Disaster risk and its reduction: an agenda for urban Africa - Ibidun Adelekan, Cassidy Johnson, Mtafu Manda, David Matyas 01/2015

        Article Recommended E-journal

      4. Urban resilience for whom, what, when, where, and why? - Sara Meerow, Joshua P. Newell 12/07/2016

        Article Recommended E-journal

    11. Week 11: Session 8: Tutorials and Trouble-shooting Session 0 items
    12. Week 12: Session 9: Group presentations: Preliminary findings 0 items
    13. Week 12 0 items
  2. Term 2 30 items
    1.  Component I: Setting the context & framing the task

    2. Session 1: Urbanisation beyond risk 2 items
      1. Untamed Urbanisms: Enacting productive Disruptions - A. Allen, A. Lampis, M. Swilling

        Chapter Essential E-book

    3. Session 2: Everyday risk and informality 3 items
      1. Tracing the roots of Urban Risk and Vulnerability - Mark Pelling

        Chapter Essential Digitised reading pg 3-17

    4. Session 3: Institutional and everyday practices and capabilities to act 2 items
      1. Who plans the African city? A case study of Maputo: part 1 – the structural context - Jørgen Eskemose Andersen, Paul Jenkins, Morten Nielsen 08/2015

        Article Essential E-journal

    5.  Component II: Actionable research for environmental transformation

    6. Session 4: Scenario planning: Projecting trends and innovations 2 items
      1. Pathways to sustainability: responding to dynamic contexts - Melissa Leach, Andy Stirling, Ian Scoones

        Chapter Essential Digitised reading.

    7. Session 5: Re-inventing planning - from coping to transformation 3 items
    8. Reading week 0 items
    9. Session 6: Participatory research methods 2 items
      1. Linking Participatory Research to Action - Sara Louise Kindon; Rachel Pain; Mike Kesby

        Chapter Essential Digitised reading

    10. Session 7: Participatory mapping 4 items
      1. Mapping Communities: Ethics, Values, Practice - Jefferson Fox, Krisnawati Suryanata, and Peter Hershock (eds.) 2005

        Book Essential Open access e-book. Copyright protected. Personal download only.

      2. cLIMA sin Riesgo | ReMap Lima 2016 - R. Lambert 20/6/2016, 2016

        Audio-visual document Essential

      3. Mapping to reduce urban risk - Rita Lambert, Rossana Poblet

        Document Essential Open access document

      4. Learning Planning from the South - V. Watson

        Chapter  E-book available. Read Chapter 11: Learning Planning from the South pp 99 -108

    11. Session 8: Communicating research [Final presentations] 3 items
      1. Successful Communication, A Toolkit for Researchers and Civil Society - I Hovland

        Document Essential Introduction, pp.1-5 and Packaging Tools, pp. 20-28

      2. The Chart Essay: A Strategy for Communicating Research Findings to Policymakers and Practitioners - P. A. Haensly, A. E. Lupkowski, J. F. McNamara 01/01/1987

        Article Recommended E-journal

    12. Session 9: Fieldwork preparation – ethical and practical considerations 7 items
      1. Research Ethics in Planning: a Framework for Discussion - Francesco Lo Piccolo, Huw Thomas 03/2008

        Article Essential E-journal. pp: 7-23

      2. Being a young and foreign researcher in South Africa: Towards a postcolonial dialogue - Nick Schuermans, Caroline Newton 11/2012

        Article Essential E-journal. pp. 295-300.

      3. The Role of Knowledge in planning - E.R. Alexander 07/2008

        Article Recommended E-journal

      4. Strengthening Knowledge Co-Production Capacity: Examining Interest in Community-University Partnerships - Karen Hutchins, Laura Lindenfeld, Kathleen Bell, Jessica Leahy 04/09/2013

        Article Recommended Open access article

      5. Development fieldwork: a practical guide - Regina Scheyvens, Donovan Storey 2003

        Book Recommended E-book. Read Chapter 1, pp.1-16

      6. Communicating Results - Joanna Chataway, Avril Joffe 1998

        Chapter  Digitised reading

    13. Session 10 0 items
      • Exam revision week
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