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  1. Introduction 9 items
    1. Against security - Neocleous, M Mar 2000

      Article Essential This article provides a critique of the liberal idea of 'security', showing how illiberal security practices are fundamental to liberal ideas of freedom.

    2. Assemblages and Actor-networks: Rethinking Socio-material Power, Politics and Space - Martin Müller 01/2015

      Article Essential This provides a really useful overview of the turn to 'materiality' in political geography.

    3. The Translation Zone: Between Actor-Network Theory and International Relations - Andrew Barry 06/2013

      Article Essential This article makes specific points about what ANT can add to international relations, but also where some of the challenges and areas for further thought might lie.

    4. Drone strikes, dingpolitik and beyond: Furthering the debate on materiality and security - W. Walters 01/04/2014

      Article Essential This considers bringing Latour's idea of dingpolitik into critical studies of security and explores some of its limits.

    5. Ethical Performances

      Chapter  This chapter considers how activists have rasied the politics of oil in London in recent years. My article on geopolitics, metapolitics and geopolitics at Tate Galleries London (class 8) considers this further.

    6. Writing counter-geography | BUALA - Ursula Biemann

      Webpage Recommended Biemann's feminist art/activist/research work anticipated many of the concerns of later projects and the turn to 'political aesthetics' in the last 20 years.

    7. From realpolitik to dingpolitik - Bruno Latour 2005

      Document Recommended Has become a central point of reference in critical international relations and security studies. Tries to provide a new way of thinking about things, assemblies and politics that draws on earlier theories of 'the public' to go beyond established political theories.

    8. Experimental Geography: From Cultural Production to the Production of Space | The Brooklyn Rail - Trevor Paglen 2009

      Webpage Recommended Art/research work probing the relationships between secrecy, visibility and publicity, with particular ref to the US secret state.

    9. Project - Forensic Architecture

      Webpage Recommended One of the foremost projects thatworks through materials, objects and visual culture to push the limits of politics, in pursuit of lega//human rights causes.

  2. Further readings 6 items
    1. Making things international: 1: Circuits and motion 2015

      Book Optional This book is useful for more insight into how the theme of 'materiality' has come in to international relations and security studies. Read especially the Intro by Mark Salter, which explains what the turn to materiality aims/is supposed to do and some of its challenges. There is also a Vol 2, which is worth a look to see other examples of this approach.

    2. Grasping the world: the idea of the museum - Donald Preziosi, Claire J. Farago 2004

      Book Optional This book - especially the introduction - is a great resource for thinking more deeply about museums as powerful ways of appropriating, organising and framing the world.

    3. Regarding Art and Art History - Zainab Bahrani 12/2013

      Article  This short article critiques the Eurocentrism of established accounts of art and aesthetics. It's relevant to the question of how 'Iraq' has appeared/might appear in public space in the West.

    4. How to Look Good in a War - Brian Rappert 20/11/2015

      Book Optional This short book is very good on the nature of secrecy, concealment and disclosure and their relationship to war. The early sections in particular are brilliant, containing a discussion of the nature of secrecy and the British government's management of the 'body count' problem in the 2003 Iraq war.

    5. The changing character of public inquiries in the (risk) regulatory state - Burgess, Adam Apr 2011

      Article Optional This article provides deep background on public inquiry and the British system and relates it to ideas about 'risk society' and precautionary government.

    6. The limits of the visible: the politics of contingency in the photographic work of Trevor Paglen - Jeandree Philpp 2016

      Article  This article discusses the politics of visibility in relation to ideas of secrecy and publicity, considering how these issues are raised in the work of Trevor Paglen. It's helpful for critiquing the idea that 'visibility' and 'publicity' are straightforward counter-balances to 'secrecy'.

  3. Committees 3 items
    1. Secrets - David Grondin and Nisha Shah

      Article Recommended

  4. Memorials 3 items
  5. Inquests 3 items
  6. Inquiries I 4 items
    1. Against security - Neocleous, M Mar 2000

      Article Essential

    2. The Iraq Inquiries - Thomas, Owen David 2015

      Article Essential

  7. Inquiries II 1 item
  8. Museums 3 items
    1. Is the Museum a Battlefield? on Vimeo Wednesday, October 2, 2013 at 7:36 PM EST

      Audio-visual document Recommended

  9. Objects 4 items
    1. It is what it is - Rijin Sahakian 2012

      Webpage Essential

  10. Protests 3 items
    1. Protest Camps - Anna Feigenbaum, Fabian Frenzel and Patrick McCurdy

      Article Recommended

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