Lists linked to HIST0089: Second Year Research Seminar

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HIST0089: The Rights Revolution in the Modern United States Academic Year 2023/24 09/08/2023 11:40:48
HIST0089: Mapping Early America Academic Year 2023/24 26/09/2023 09:42:37
HIST0089: Second Year Research Seminar: American Fiction and the Reservoir of History Academic Year 2023/24 14/07/2023 11:11:26
HIST0089: Second Year Research Seminar: Professional Writers and Witnessing War: Europe 1914-1945 Academic Year 2023/24 14/07/2023 03:56:13
HIST0089: The Many Lives of Mahatma Gandhi Academic Year 2023/24 05/04/2024 14:03:49
HIST0089: Thucydides and the History of his Time Academic Year 2023/24 07/08/2023 15:30:39