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A: ISSU: library-Introduction ISSUINTROD Module
Creative Writing ISSU0115 Module
Get started with UCL Library Services (for ISSU students) ISSULIBINTRO Module
Global Migration and Health. ISSU0099 Module
ISSU0001: Action! Introduction to Film Studies ISSU0001 Module
ISSU0002: Culture Body and the City ISSU0002 Module
ISSU0003: English Language Skills for Academic Purposes ISSU0003 Module
ISSU0005: Global London — Contemporary Urbanism, Culture and Space ISSU0005 Module
ISSU0006: Greek myth and epic ISSU0006 Module
ISSU0007: Modern History of Science in London ISSU0007 Module
ISSU0008: Human Evolution ISSU0008 Module
ISSU0009: International Politics of Human Rights ISSU0009 Module
ISSU0010: International Trade and Migration ISSU0010 Module
ISSU0011: Literary London ISSU0011 Module
ISSU0012: Population and Public Health ISSU0012 Module
ISSU0013: Principles of Microeconomics ISSU0013 Module
ISSU0014: Psychology in Action ISSU0014 Module
ISSU0015: The Dark Side of London ISSU0015 Module
ISSU0016: Transnational History ISSU0016 Module
ISSU0017: Understanding and Countering Radicalisation and Terrorism ISSU0017 Module
ISSU0018: Understanding Management ISSU0018 Module
ISSU0019: Anatomy and Developmental Biology ISSU0019 Module
ISSU0020: Illness, Health and Healing in Ancient Greece ISSU0020 Module
ISSU0021: An Archaeological History of London AD 50-1700 ISSU0021 Module
ISSU0022: Economic Globalisation ISSU0022 Module
ISSU0023: Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice ISSU0023 Module
ISSU0024: From phones to smartphones, to the Internet of things ISSU0024 Module
ISSU0025: Global Health: Local and International Perspectives ISSU0025 Module
ISSU0026: London on Film ISSU0026 Module
ISSU0027: London Style: Visual Culture / Counter Culture ISSU0027 Module
ISSU0028: Data Science and Big Data Analytics ISSU0028 Module
ISSU0029: Politics of Global Development ISSU0029 Module
ISSU0030: Principles of macroeconomics ISSU0030 Module
ISSU0032: The Sounds of Language: Principles of Phonetics ISSU0032 Module
ISSU0033: Understanding and preventing crime ISSU0033 Module
ISSU0034: London's Urban Development: Politics, Policy and Design ISSU1034 Module
ISSU0035: What is Education? ISSU0035 Module
ISSU0036: Why Democracy? ISSU0036 Module
ISSU0037: Corporate Social Responsibility ISSU0037 Module
ISSU0038: International Commercial Arbitration ISSU0038 Module
ISSU0039: Language and the Mind ISSU0039 Module
ISSU0040: Postwar British Politics: Winston Churchill to Theresa May ISSU0040 Module
ISSU0041: Business Psychology ISSU0041 Module
ISSU0042: International Relations ISSU0042 Module
ISSU0043: International Trade and Maritime Law ISSU0043 Module
ISSU0044: Introduction to Law ISSU0044 Module
ISSU0045: Law, Lawyers and Social Justice ISSU0045 Module
ISSU0046: Mental Health and the Mind ISSU0046 Module
ISSU0047: Nerve Injury Treatment ISSU0047 Module
ISSU0048: Anglo-American Business Law ISSU0048 Module
ISSU0049: Climate and Energy ISSU0049 Module
ISSU0051: Nanotechnology in Medicine ISSU0051 Module
ISSU0053: Data Science and Big Data Analytics ISSU0053 Module
ISSU0063: Urban Environmental Politics ISSU0063 Module
ISSU0069: Scientific Computing in Python and C++ ISSU0069 Module
ISSU0070: Cybersecurity Risk Management ISSU0070 Module
ISSU0077: Energy and Future Cities: Innovating Architecture ISSU0077 Module
ISSU0079: Brexit: Political Tensions, Economic Challenges ISSU0079 Module
ISSU0083: Quantitative Modelling Techniques for Finance ISSU0083 Module
ISSU0086: British Literature and the Birth of Mass Media: Victorian Periodical to Modernist Magazine ISSU0086 Module
ISSU0089: Modern and Contemporary Art in London ISSU0089 Module
ISSU0090: English for Business and Management ISSU0090 Module
ISSU0091: Health Data Science and Data Analytics in Healthcare ISSU0091 Module
ISSU0093: Climate Change and Sustainability in Practice ISSU0093 Module
ISSU0094: Public Art, Graffiti and the Right to the City ISSU0094 Module
ISSU0095: Populism and the Challenge to Western Democracy ISSU0095 Module
ISSU0096: Money, Banking and Cryptocurrencies ISSU0096 Module
ISSU0097: Digital Business Transformation ISSU0097 Module
ISSU0098: Data Driven Web-Based Applications ISSU0098 Module
ISSU0101: Project Management ISSU0101 Module
ISSU0102: Making Policy in International Development ISSU0102 Module
ISSU0103: Educational Representations through the Media ISSU0103 Module
ISSU0104: Gender Studies ISSU0104 Module
ISSU0105: Strategic Management and Leadership ISSU0105 Module
ISSU0106: Youth and Globalisation ISSU0106 Module
ISSU0107: Graphic Skills for Urban Studies ISSU0107 Module
ISSU0108: Ancient Ideas in the Modern World ISSU0108 Module
ISSU0109: Clinical Trials ISSU0109 Module
ISSU0114: International Business Strategy and Development ISSU0114 Module
ISSU0116: Developmental Neuroscience and Neurology ISSU0116 Module
ISSU0118: Mathematics for Economics (Level 2)* ISSU0118 Module
ISSU0121: The Sociology of Education ISSU0121 Module
ISSU0122: Wars and Violence (Level 2) ISSU0122 Module
ISSU0199: Shakespeare’s London ISSU0199 Module
ISSU1031: The European Character of London ISSU1031 Module
ISSU1037: Understanding Management ISSU1037 Module
ISSU1057: Computational Systems Biology ISSU0054 Module
ISSU1061: International Commercial Litigation ISSU0064 Module
ISSU1063: Statistics with R and RStudio ISSU1063 Module
ISSU1064: Urban Environmental Politics ISSU1064 Module
ISSU1065: Astrophysics and Cosmology ISSU0066 Module
ISSU1066: Fairy Tales and their Retellings ISSU0058 Module
ISSU1068: Sermonis Latini Peritia atque Doctrina ISSU1068 Module
ISSU1069: De Europææ Britanniæ Litteris Latinis : The Latin Literature of European Britain ISSU1069 Module
ISSU106: How the Brain Works and What Can Go Wrong ISSU106 Module
ISSU1070: The Chemistry of Harry Potter ISSU1070 Module
ISSU2056: Civic Design (Level 2) ISSU2056 Module
ISSU2058: Darwin and the History of Evolution (Level 2) ISSU2058 Module
ISSU2060: Governance and Public Management (Level 2) ISSU2060 Module
ISSU2062: Quantitative Finance: Maths in Investment Banking (Level 2) ISSU2062 Module
ISSU2063: Science Journalism (Level 2) ISSU2063 Module
ISSU2064: Rebellion ISSU2064 Module
The Economics of Sustainability: Climate Change and Social Inequalities ISSU0092 Module

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