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  1. List IOELib: Media Resources for BA Media and MA Digital Media, Dan O'Connor (Academic year 2020/21)
    A list of video, image, sound and games collections/resources available via UCL and on open access.
  2. List IOE Lib: PGCE Primary, John Iona (Academic year 2020/21)
    The items listed here have been curated as useful resources to support the planning of teaching and learning various themes and topics covered in the IOE's Primary PGCE course. They were originally provided physically, on book trolleys, for use in workshops, and are listed here for students and staff to refer back to at any time.
  3. Additional resources, from the Curriculum Resources Collection, for the teaching of art with Primary PGCE students.
  4. List IOELib: Research, writing and the unexpected, John Iona (Academic year 2020/21)
    An initial list of titles covering aspects of research, and the implications of unexpected events.
  5. List IOELib: ITE Additional Resources, John Iona (Academic year 2020/21)
    This list presents books provided for ITE primary and secondary groups/classes, on key topics during the year.
  6. List IOELib: International Education: Resources by Region, Dan O'Connor (Academic year 2020/21)
    Links to regional resources linked to education.
  7. List IOELib: Teachers as Readers Group (TaRG), John Iona (Academic year 2020/21)
    A list of resources and titles that have been recommended and shared in meetings of the Teachers as Readers Group. The list is for participants at the meetings, but it is publicly available and so can be accessed and used by anyone.
  8. A list of teaching and subject associations, their journals and publications, and wider reading on educations.
  9. Links to key international education organisations and resources across the world.