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Adolescence in Medieval Europe HIST0843 Module
AMER0074: History and Politics of Latin America c.1930 to the Present AMER0074 Module
Bedrock of Society BEDRSOC Module
Contested country : a History of Hungary 1790-1900 HIST0667 Module
HART0168: Civilizations of the Book: The Global Middle Ages Through Illustrated Manuscripts HART0168 Module
HIST0003: Concepts, Categories and the Practice of History HIST0003 Module
HIST0008: Making History HIST0008 Module
HIST0021: Understanding the Early Mesopotamian World HIST0021 Module
HIST0033: First European Union, Christendom 1187-1321 HIST0033 Module
HIST0039: The Industrial Revolution in Britain HIST0039 Module
HIST0051: Religious Reformation and Popular Piety, 1450-1650 HIST0051 Module
HIST0066: The South Sea Bubble HIST0066 Module
HIST0068: Nations, Empires and Homelands HIST0068 Module
HIST0073 : War, rebellion, and social discontent in modern China HIST0073 Module
HIST0075: India and the Global Economy, 1500-Present HIST0075 Module
HIST0081: Social Change, New Social Movements, and Politics in Britain after 1945 HIST0081 Module
HIST0087 / HIST0547: Africa, Decolonization and Internationalism HIST0087 Module
HIST0088: The Disunited States: Contested Visions of America HIST0088 Module
HIST0089: Second Year Research Seminar HIST0089 Module
HIST0103: Animals and the Medieval Imagination HIST0103 Module
HIST0105: Popes, Caliphs and Sacred Law, 385-850 HIST0105 Module
HIST0116: Abraham Lincoln and the Crisis of the Union, 1854-1865 HIST0116 Module
HIST0122: Soul and Body in Renaissance Thought HIST0122 Module
HIST0128: History of the Modern Middle East HIST0128 Module
HIST0146: The Near East 1200-336 B.C.: Empires and Pastoralists HIST0146 Module
HIST0156: The Roman Republic, c.350 BC-44 BC HIST0156 Module
HIST0163: History of the Modern Middle East HIST0163 Module
HIST0166: The Middle Ages 500-1500 HIST0166 Module
HIST0170: Europe in the Late Middle Ages: 1000-1500 HIST0170 Module
HIST0172: Marriage and Monarchy HIST0172 Module
HIST0176: The Transformation of Britain 1547-1707 HIST0176 Module
HIST0178: British History c.1850-1990 HIST0178 Module
HIST0195: Empire in Eurasia HIST0195 Module
HIST0197: Age of Revolution: European History 1815-1870 HIST0197 Module
HIST0201: Europe 1870-1945: Paths through Modernity HIST0201 Module
HIST0205: History of Latin America c.1830-c.1930 HIST0205 Module
HIST0206: History and Politics of Latin America c.1930 to the Present HIST0206 Module
HIST0208: The Making of Modern America: The United States since 1920 HIST0208 Module
HIST0217: History of Ethics: A Sociological Methodology HIST0217 Module
HIST0221: Slavery in the Classical World HIST0221 Module
HIST0228: Ancient Greek religion of the archaic and classical period HIST0228 Module
HIST0256: State Sovereignty and Liberty HIST0256 Module
HIST0269: Penal Era or Golden Age? HIST0269 Module
HIST0281: Queer Histories in Britain from the 1800s to the 1980s HIST0281 Module
HIST0286: History of Parliament HIST0286 Module
HIST0302: Voluntary Organisations, NGOs and the British Public (1914-1985) HIST0302 Module
HIST0309: Race, Ethnicity and the "Other" in Africa HIST0309 Module
HIST0317: Animals, Demons and the Boundaries of the Human in the Late Middle Ages HIST0317 Module
HIST0319: Popes, Caliphs and Sacred Law, 385-850 HIST0319 Module
HIST0360: Hollywood Genres HIST0360 Module
HIST0375: Gender and Sexuality in Modern Britain, c1850 to the Present HIST0375 Module
HIST0376: Gender and Sexuality in Modern Britain, c.1850-present HIST0376 Module
HIST0389: Colonialism in Sub-Saharan Africa HIST0389 Module
HIST0442: Hellenistic Encounters with Egypt HIST0442 Module
HIST0443: Hellenistic Encounters with Egypt HIST0443 Module
HIST0508: Understanding the Early Mesopotamian World A HIST0508 Module
HIST0512: The Medieval Universe HIST0512 Module
HIST0518: Social Systems in Religious History from Constantine to Napoleon HIST0518 Module
HIST0549: Temple life in Assyria and Babylonia HIST0549 Module
HIST0582: The Transformation of Britain 1547-1707 Affiliate HIST0582 Module
HIST0596: Europe 1870-1945: Paths through Modernity Affiliate HIST0596 Module
HIST0598: History of Latin America c.1830-c.1930 HIST0598 Module
HIST0600: The Making of Modern America: The United States since 1920 Affiliate HIST0600 Module
HIST0609: Competitive Men: The Politics of Competition in Ancient Greece HIST0609 Module
HIST0617: Untold Stories: Constructing Lives, Narratives, and Experiences in Wartime East Asia HIST0617 Module
HIST0627: Crisis and Future in 19th Centur HIST0627 Module
HIST0650: Babylon from Hammurabi to Alexander (c.1800–300 BC) HIST0650 Module
HIST0651: Babylon from Hammurabi to Alexander (c.1800–300 BC) A HIST0651 Module
HIST0653: Black Georgians: Race, Nation and Migration in Eighteenth-Century Britain HIST0653 Module
HIST0654: The Great Depression and the Making of the Third World HIST0654 Module
HIST0660: Ancient Near Eastern Religion HIST0660 Module
HIST0698: Untold Stories: Constructing Lives, Narratives, and Experiences in Wartime East Asia HIST0698 Module
HIST0710: Gender and Knowledge in Early Modern Europe HIST0710 Module
HIST0744: Temple life in Assyria and Babylonia HIST0744 Module
HIST0770: Advanced Seminar, Race, Identity and Empire in the Iberian World, 1500-1700 HIST0770 Module
HIST0771: Gender and Sexuality in Transnational Perspective: 1850-1980s HIST0771 Module
HIST0774: Controversies and debates in first world war studies HIST0774 Module
HIST0776: The Cause of All Mankind? US Encounters with Revolution, c.1880-1980 HIST0776 Module
HIST0778: Europe's first word war: 1911-1923 HIST0778 Module
HIST0789: Jewish-Muslim Relations in Historical Perspective HIST0789 Module
HIST0790: Cops, Cartels and Cash Crops: The Drug Trade in the Americas, 1900 to the Present HIST0790 Module
HIST0804: Sin in the Middle Ages: c.400 -c.1550 HIST0804 Module
HIST0810: Crime, Policing and Punishment in London, c.1750-1868 HIST0810 Module
HIST0811: Protest and Policing in Modern Britain HIST0811 Module
HIST0813: Peasant wars and revolution in modern East Central Europe HIST0813 Module
HIST0818: Remembering Conflict and Mass Violence HIST0818 Module
HIST0829: Roman Religion: Belief, Culture and Politics HIST0829 Module
HIST0830: American Borderlands: Land and Power at America's Margins, c.1763-1900 HIST0830 Module
HIST0831: Medieval Secular Women under the Clerical Gaze HIST0831 Module
HIST0842: The Holocaust New Historical Approaches HIST0842 Module
HIST6317: International Political Thought in the Early Modern Period HIST6317 Module
HIST7006: Books That Changed Modern America HIST7006 Module
HIST7101: Women in Antiquity HIST7101 Module
HIST7216: Twelfth-century Empires: Anglo-French and German Realms Compared HIST7216 Module
HIST7310: The Remaking of the English Ruling Class, 1660-1785 HIST7310 Module
HIST7316: Religious Tolerance and Intolerance in Early Modern Europe HIST7316 Module
HIST7318: Democracy in America, 1830-1890 HIST7318 Module
HIST7358: Material Cultures of Empire HIST7358 Module
HIST7359: Cold War Monsters: British and American Public Anxieties and Genre Cinema, 1950-1969 HIST7359 Module
HIST7361: Race and Resistance in Black Atlantic Thought B HIST7361 Module
HIST7363: Between Empires and Nation-States: Economic History of the Middle East and the Balkans, 1800-1914 HIST7363 Module
HIST7461A/B: Gender in Modern British History HIST7461 Module
HIST7467: Childhood in Modern East Asia HIST7467 Module
HIST7471B: The World on Film: Cinema History 1895-1929 B HIST7471B Module
HISTG002: Weber for Historians HISTG002 Module
HISTG024: From Renaissance to Republic: The Netherlands c.1555-1609 HISTG024 Module
HISTG027: Abraham Lincoln and the American Civil War HISTG027 Module
HISTG040: Weber for Historians HISTG040 Module
HISTG072: The Cold War: An International History HISTG072 Module
HISTG079: Hollywood Genres HISTG079 Module
HISTGA11: Continuity and Change in the Ancient Near East HISTGA11 Module
History of Political Thought in the West HIST0140 Module
History of the Habsburg monarchy 1700-1918 HIST0483 Module
MDVL0003: Medieval Manuscripts and Documents MDVL0003 Module
MDVL0006: Medieval Manuscripts and Documents MDVL0006 Module
MDVL0007: Skills and Sources: Manuscripts and Documents MDVL0007 Module
MDVL0016: Skills and Sources: The Medieval English Book MDVL0016 Module
MDVL0020: Anglo-Saxon Court Culture MDVL0020 Module
MDVL0045: Medieval Papacy MDVL0045 Module
MDVLGE06: Skills and Sources: The Medieval English Book MDVLGE06 Module
MDVLGE07: Anglo-Saxon Court Culture MDVLGE07 Module
MDVLGH06: Places of Learning in the Medieval Latin West MDVLGH06 Module
Native North America, c.1600-1850 HIST0812 Module
Personal Testimonies of Twentieth-Century Britain HIST0537 Module
Propaganda and Ideology in Rome HIST0633 Module
Slavery and Freedom in 20th Century Africa SLAVHIST Module
Society and Politics in Late Imperial Russia HIST0500 Module
The Origins and Development of the Plantation System HIST0825 Module
The Transmission of Knowledge in the Ancient World HIST0196 Module
Writing History HIST0007 Module

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