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International Pre-Master's UAFLNGSIPP01 Module
International Summer School for Undergraduates ISSU School
LCAR0002: Arabic Level 1 LCAR0002 Module
LCDU0002: Dutch Level 1 LCDU0002 Module
LCFR0003: French Level 1 LCFR0003 Module
LCIT0003: Italian Level 1 LCIT0003 Module
LCJA0002: Japanese Level 1 LCJA0002 Module
LCMA0002: Mandarin Level 1 LCMA0002 Module
LCPO0002: Portuguese Level 1 LCPO0002 Module
LCSP0002: Spanish Level 1 LCSP0002 Module
Pre-sessional programme at the Centre for Languages and International Education CLIE Programme
UPCSE Biology Term 1 UPCSE Course

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