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Name Code Type
DUTC0001: Dutch Language 1 DUTC0001 Module
DUTC0003: Born out of Rebellion: The Netherlands from the Dutch Revolt to the Eve of World War I DUTC0003 Module
DUTC0004: Modern Dutch Literary Texts DUTC0004 Module
DUTC0005: Dutch Language 2 DUTC0005 Module
DUTC0006: At the Crossroads of Europe: Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg in the 20th and 21st Centuries DUTC0006 Module
DUTC0007: Twentieth Century Dutch Literature I: Themes DUTC0007 Module
DUTC0008: Multiculturalism and Identity DUTC0008 Module
DUTC0009: Dutch Language 3 DUTC0009 Module
DUTC0013: Contemporary History and Culture of the Low Countries DUTC0013 Module
DUTC0015: Advanced Translation from Dutch into English DUTC0015 Module
DUTC0017: Project in Dutch DUTC0017 Module
DUTC0019: Contemporary History, Society and Culture of the Low Countries DUTC0019 Module
DUTC0021: Advanced Translation from Dutch into English DUTC0021 Module
ELCS0002: How to Read Film: Critical Analysis and Key Concepts ELCS0002 Module
ELCS0004: Introduction to the Study of Language and Linguistics ELCS0004 Module
ELCS0011: Metamorphosis: The Limits of the Human ELCS0011 Module
ELCS0016: STUFF: Materiality and Media in European Culture ELCS0016 Module
ELCS0018: Language and Ideology ELCS0018 Module
ELCS0023: Writing Shame ELCS0023 Module
ELCS0029: Manufacturing Consent: Media and the making of the Modern World ELCS0029 Module
ELCS0030: Black Europe ELCS0030 Module
ELCS0032: Nationalism and Ethnicity in Contemporary Europe ELCS0032 Module
ELCS0035: European Theatre in Translation ELCS0035 Module
ELCS0039: Cultures of conflict ELCS0039 Module
ELCS0061: Black Europe ELCS0061 Module
ELCS0068: Black Europe ELCS0068 Module
ELCS6032: Literary Responses to the First World War: Ruth Austin ELCS6032 Module
ELCS6041: Utopias and dystopias in twentieth century literature ELCS6041 Module
ELCS6042: Political Cinema ELCS6042 Module
ELCS6045: Selling European Cinema to British Audiences in the 21st Century ELCS6045 Module
ELCS6046: Introduction to Digital Humanities ELCS6046 Module
ELCS6051: Fascisms and anti-fascisms: Italy, Germany, Argentina ELCS6051 Module
ELCS6058: Narrating Female Virtue, From Medieval to Modern ELCS6058 Module
ELCS6065: The Uncanny ELCS6065 Module
ELCS6066: Fairy Tales: Their Origin and Evolution ELCS6066 Module
ELCS6069: The Power of Maps ELCS6069 Module
ELCS6070: The Poet in Society ELCS6070 Module
ELCS6075: The Autobiographical Child in the 20th Century ELCS6075 Module
ELCS6076: Distractions of Manhood in the 21st Century ELCS6076 Module
ELCS6081: Critical Theatre: A Historical Overview of European Theatre ELCS6081 Module
ELCS6086: Autobiography Beyond Self-Identity: On Belonging and Not Belonging Socially ELCS6086 Module
ELCS6091: Codex to Kindle: An Introduction to the History of the Book ELCS6091 Module
ELCS6096: Gothic Cinema ELCS6096 Module
ELCS6102: Aspects of European Thought ELCS6102 Module
ELCS6108: Translation and Intercultural Communication ELCS6108 Module
ELCS6109: Topics in History and Heritage ELCS6109 Module
FREN0058: Theories and Practices of Film FREN0058 Module
French FRENC_ART Department
German GERMN_ART Department
Italian ITALN_ART Department
LITC0001: Cultural Encounters in World Literature LITC0001 Module
LITC0002: How to Read Texts LITC0002 Module
LITC0004: Literature of Travel LITC0004 Module
LITC0007: Re-imagining the self LITC0007 Module
LITC0012: Word, Image, Sound LITC0012 Module
LITC0014: Urban Tales: the City in East Asian Literature LITC0014 Module
LITC0015: Consumer Culture: Literature, History, Theory LITC0015 Module
LITC0026: Imagined Children: The Child in Fiction LITC0026 Module
LITC0027: Canons and Creativity: Period, Context, Text LITC0027 Module
LITC0028: From Page to Stage: How to Read Plays LITC0028 Module
Scandinavian Studies SCAND_ART Department
Spanish, Portuguese & Latin American Studies SPANS_ART Department

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